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Slitaz Linux Review

Updated on June 13, 2016

Slitaz 2 Review

Small is powerful

How minimal do you think a complete GUI-based operating system size can be? I thought it has to be around 500-700Mb before I came to know about the smallest of small linux distros. The main contenders are DSL, puppy, slitaz and a few more. SliTaz 2.0 is a powerful distro(operating system) in just about 30MB. Its the best mini distro i've tried so far. It offers clean looks and solid apps with no compromise in usability.

1. Slim yet powerful File manager.
2. Firefox included in a 30mb distro!!
3. Grub install option.
4. Robust inbuilt system tools and utilities.(best feature)
5. Working Desktop effects!
6. Autologin/multiple accounts feature.
7. Perfectly working GUI-based package manager.


1. Window manager crashes sometimes.(unlikely)
2. Absence of word/excel/presentations processor.(who needs those when we have google docs)


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