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Email to SMS Text Messages

Updated on March 28, 2015

Use carrier specific sms gateways to send your friends a text from your email account.

If you have never heard of the term sms gateway, basically it's an email address for a ten digit mobile number. When we have an email address for a mobile number we can compose an email then send it to a cell phone as a regular text. This is a neat trick if you're ever stuck without a cell phone and want to send a short message to a friend or family member. Instructions on how to address, compose and send a text message from your email account are listed below along with each of the top us wireless service providers sms gateway addresses. If the wireless carrier you're looking for is not on the list try the carriers website or Wikipedia.


What You'll Need

  • Your friends 10 (ten) digit mobile number

  • The wireless provider of ten digit mobile number

  • Access to the internet (local libraries have free internet access)

  • A valid email account (no email? no problem they are easy to obtain and most are free)

Address, Compose and Send Your Email

  1. Address your email to the 10 digit mobile number followed by the sms gateway of the service provider
  2. Compose your message in 160 characters or less total from subject box and email body
  3. Send your email to text message ----Verizon Wireless sms gateway address

Top U.S. Wireless Service Carriers

SMS Gateway Address
US Cellular
Verizon Wireless
Replace the ten digits 2098260447 with your friends ten digit mobile number

Please Note

  • Message receiver will be reasonable if any text or data charges apply
  • A 160 charter limit for sms with most providers although this can vary with services.
  • Expecting a reply but don't see one, check the spam or junk folder in your email


More Ways To Stay Connected

While sending a text without a cell phone is clever sending a text from a cell with out service has got to be smart,a Smartphone that is.. Google's Android & Apples IOS are just two of the smartphones today's technology offers. Paying a carrier for wireless services almost seems silly sense smartphones are smart and staying connected to what matters most is mainly done with wifi access. Surf the net over wifi to get that email to sms out. Download a text messaging app for your android in the google play store. If you have an Iphone, Ipod touch 3g and up or any of Apples IOS devices, hop over to the I tunes app store to download a texting application. Plus to many other ways for me to list all allowing people to keep up with the world helping people connect.

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Which smartphone is owned by more people worldwide?

See results


In the year to come the FCC will have set a 911 text service regulation that will allow people to sms or text message for 911 emergency assistance.

Free e-mail accounts can be found easily across the web and most likely through your internet service provider. Google Yahoo, and , Aol, are just a few of many places that offer free email accounts .

The term qwerty is due to the best letter placement for fast input on standard keyboards, notice the top left row and the first 6 letters


Text Talk

Stands For
Laugh Out Loud
Let Me Know
Ta Ta For Now
Talk To You Later
Talk To You Soon
These are just five of the many abbreviations the texting generation have adopted

Wireless Subscriber Connections

Number of active devices, including smartphones feature phones, tablets, hotspots, etc.

  • Dec-2012 --- 326.4 Million
  • Dec-2011 --- 316.0 Million
  • Dec-2007 --- 255.4 Million
  • Dec-2002 --- 140.8 Million
  • Dec-1997 --- 055.3 Million

numbers above are approximate & referenced from CTIA.ORG® WEBSITE

© 2013 sprickita


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