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Small LCD Monitor

Updated on April 16, 2010

Small LCD Monitors

Small LCD monitors come in several sizes.  These are also called flat screens. The size you need depends on the size of your desk where you want to place it. It is your choice which size you buy depending on how you intend it to use. If you are a movie fan, you may want a widescreen LCD TV.

Aside from the size you might also consider the resolution of your monitor. All monitors have resolutions that display a certain number of pixels. In buying a small LCD monitor always remember to keep  this in mind. Space is one thing you must consider. If you have a limited space for a widescreen monitor don’t buy it.

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Small LCD Monitors

There are two types of small LCD monitors: a touch screen and a non touch screen. Both have the same capacity. There are three screen sizes a 7 inch, 8 inch and 10.2 inch screen. The physical appearance of the three sizes of screens is the same.

The only difference is the 8 inch model screen has the buttons on the side. All the screens mentioned are wide screen. The material used for the framework of these screens has a matt finish and a protected rubber coating.

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Features of these screen includes the following: auto dimming-it automatically change the brightness of the screen, input connections-allows 3 different applications to connect, sound-is situated on the back of the unit, security devices-2 to 3 securing devices to secure the monitor. It has a metal stand and is mountable.

Samsung LCD Monitor

These screens can be used in car entertainment, as security monitor, general system monitoring, home control system and for audio visual purposes. It can be also used for homes and business PC. Top brands of this small LCD monitors are Samsung, Acer, Axion, Lilliput, LaCie and Sony.

In buying an LCD monitor you should always check the number of USB hubs. Also consider the type of screen with higher resolutions and a good design. This LCD has 16.7 million colors giving a clear as crystal display. It has a thin and slim design suitable for your room in a small LCD monitor space. It is lighter in weight and can easily be carried from one place to another.

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Samsung Small LCD Monitor

Super Small LCD Monitor

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    • Philuc profile image

      Philuc 7 years ago from Quito, Ecuador

      This is very good information, the only down side to it is that it gets my temptation cells on the go. Seriously, thanks for the information.

    • Entourage profile image

      Entourage 7 years ago

      Thanks for the education on LCD monitors. I wasn't aware that they made a small LCD monitor like these.


    • Mindfulness profile image

      Mindfulness 7 years ago

      The one you call the Super Small LCD Monitor looks like it'll do the job. I am referring your hub to a teacher friend who schedules her classes out of a small cramped bedroom in her ailing parent's home. She has put off buying a computer for one reason, space considerations - she has no excuses now! Thanks for the info!

    • profile image

      Dancewear Dresses 7 years ago

      Some very helpful advice on choosing a small LCD monitor. Thanks.