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Small Parts Are Cleaned Effeciently in Baskets

Updated on August 12, 2011

Baskets With Lid Keep Parts from Getting Lost

Baskets Help Clean Smaller Parts

Small Parts Can Clean Efficiently Using Baskets.

The use of baskets in either a batch or a belt style conveyor washer can be a good investment. Parts can be layered so the jet spray from the nozzles can reach the parts surface. This can enhance material handling make batches of small parts cleaning an easier task.

In rebuilding operations, baskets with dividers can be used to keep certain parts together and make reassemble easier. Even very small nut and bolts can be cleaned using baskets with lids.

There are times when the parts must be orientated in order to clean inner surfaces or flush blind holes. A basket with divider will keep the part in position for such cleaning. In some instances, pick and place robotics can be used to place parts on special fixtures of belt washers.

We can assist you with specialized cleaning application and provide custom baskets. See our line of aqueous washers at our Kansas City store.


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