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Top 6 Smart Cover design ideas for your Apple iPad 3

Updated on September 19, 2012
Apple iPad 3
Apple iPad 3 | Source

Hi there friends. Smart Cover is one of the most thoughtful accessories for Apple iPad 3 and the cover that you see in the advertisement seems alright, but give it some time and it becomes boring and you will wish to switch over to another one.

Here are some design ideas to help you decide a great match of Smart Cover and Apple iPad 3.

Colours that lighten your mood

  • Choosing something dark and off-putting may suite you at the start but it will become a pain really soon.
  • Since you have to use your iPad 3 on a day to day basis, it would be nice if you choose a soothing colour that tells you to relax even before you start your iPad.

Give kids what they want

  • I am sure that you already have kids who love to play and learn on your iPad 3, so why not cheer them up with some cover designs that have their favourite characters nicely printed.
  • I am sure that if your kid finds Angry Birds a good companion for a good night sleep, he/she would be glad to have it on his/her iPad because it would protect them from evil pigs, right?

Note: Don’t let your kids sleep with any digital product for the whole night. Wait for them to drift off and take it. I know that many parents already know this but it is something that I must remind.

Change the Smart Cover with Season

  • some cover designs often imitate the nature and they look very good until the season lasts. You can opt for them if you are into nature.

Use Cover that represents your work or passion

  • if you use your iPad for work purposes and I bet you do, you can reflect it with the design of the cover that you use.
  • There are several services that will create an iPad Smart Cover for a little extra than the default one.
  • It’s like choosing clothes for you. You wear what suits you and what suits the environment and in which you feel comfortable.
  • Ask any fashion designer, they will give you this one tip and you have to follow it by heart.
  • Choose a Case that suits your work, your personality and that gives you comfort while you are holding it.

Don’t ever choose dull or sad or depressing covers

  • Since everything is custom made, you might get the idea of imprinting some sad image on your Cover just because of some bad news.

When Steve Jobs created iPad, he thought it to be fun and entertaining for everyone and when they coupled it with Smart cover; they thought it to make it even more fun. So, don’t spoil it by adding your sadness into it.

  • In fact, rather than going with sad prints, go with cheerful notes and you will see that you will recover from your sadness in a matter of time.
  • I know that I got a little dramatic there, but trust me, its essential to be surround by things that you like rather than things that you begin to hate.

Lastly, choose what you like and change when want

  • Smart Covers are cheap and still look attractive, so you can change them whenever you want and make them whatever your heart desires.


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