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3C Smart Router By MI

Updated on October 25, 2017
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How Smart Routers are easier to configure?

With the advancement in technology with time, we are now in the Digital World. Gone are those days where we had dial-up Internet connections and when we used to call an ISP to configure your router. The new generation routers are smart and capable enough to configure themselves according to the settings of your ISP. 3C router consisting of 4 high power antennas with 300Mbps speed and 80m wifi range enables you to give you optimal performance. With blazing fast speed, Mi 3C router has a 64 MB RAM which allows faster packet switching and routing and also enables multiple devices to be connected simultaneously.

We call this router a smart router because it has powerful antennas and has a Mi App to configure your router. Gone are those days when we use to type as an IP address on our browsers to configure our routers. Now its become much easier to configure with the help of an App.

Now it's become even easier to blocklist a user, restart a router, check usage through the App itself.


  1. With 4 antennas it has wider coverage area.
  2. Economical Price ₹1199/-
  3. You can configure the router even from a different city as it is cloud-based.


  1. Only 1-year warranty.
  2. It has only 2 RJ-45 ports.

With these all features, it has become easier to configure the router just like a remote through a mobile application. Other known brands like TP-Link, D-Link, Netgear have not come up yet with a smart router.

We hope that in the next version or update of Mi 3C router, Mi comes up with a wireless smart router. Enabling an insertion of a SIM card, so that it is convenient to use On The Go (OTG)

Even the build quality of the router is good it can withstand drops. The router also comes up with a Dual Partition System that’s configured on a high-speed 64 MB of flash storage. This router receives the latest firmware updates on schedule, even during sudden power failures. The browsing speed is 8x faster than other routers. The Mi 3C router ensures that the gaming experience and surfing experience on the router is smooth enough.

Mi 3C Router
Mi 3C Router

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