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Smartphone review

Updated on July 10, 2015

Galaxy S4

Galaxy S4 has a wide range of new features many are similar to the S3. With 13MP camera, it gives excellent picture resolution, there is also an animation capture to mention only some of the new camera functions.

When you wave your hand in front of the screen the page turns, or if you are looking at pictures it will move on to the next one. One of the best novel functions of the Galaxy s4 is when you answer the phone all you do is put the phone to your ear, it will automatically answer the without having to press a button.

One of the drawbacks of the S4 is the quality of the build when you drop it, it breaks easily as one of my friends found out when it fell out of his pocket from chair height. The fact that most of the new features could easily be used on a lot of the older Samsung devices, does not make it a viable upgrade in my opinion. I am waiting for a much bigger upgrade to make it worth my while.

I love the quality of the pictures on the Galaxy S4 and some of the extra features such as photos with sound mini animations. Although when compared to the HTC one I have to say it lacks finesse there are many more useful photo features on the HTC. Over all it's a fantastic phone, but some work is needed to compete with HTC one.

Samsung Galaxy S3

This phone is the next in its generation of Samsung Android smartphones, with a wide rage of features such as to answer the phone you just need to pick the phone up to your ear, the other is a tilt and zoom this is handy when looking at pictures. There is also a video shrink which minimizes the image so you can watch and do other things while it's playing.

A well designed slick looking phone, although the battery port on the phone and on all Samsung phones seem to be a little poor in comparison to HTC and other phones .

Samsung vs Apple

After a long battle Apple have finally one against Samsung, so the mighty makers of GalaxyS2 will now have to pay $1billion for breaking the patents.. nasty! That should add a little more to Apples $400billion they have.

What happens next? Samsung will have to revamp the touch-wiz or pay a huge some of money to Apple to let them use the patent.

1) Android phones

Deciding what phone to buy isn't easy, so when I came across the Galaxy S with the Android operating system on it I saw a fantastic little phone with a large personality. It boasted of it's wonderful 5meg camera with night mode, along with the touch wizard screen, WIFI, and all the other glorious things that it could do I couldn't say no to it.

The Android operating system by Google is easy to use, and works well taking pictures, HD videos, messages and many other features. It has an app store packed full of useful, handy applications with thousands of them being free in comparison to the I Phone. There are a variety of sizes to choose from, all with different prices.

The operating system has improved dramatically from when it was first released, so if you are looking to buy a Galaxy S 2, 3, HTC or Motorola with Android on it I would highly recommend them.

2) IPhone

Despite my biased attitude toward Android, I have to say I phone is a market trend setter, and for that reason alone I applaud Apple. Not to mention they're hard work and dedication for bringing something new to our door step.

The IPhone is one of a kind, it's a high end smartphone with good quality apps, maybe cost a little costly at times, but I have to say I believe they are better than Android. Customizing your IPhone is a little disappointing, since you are limited in the way you organize and display your Icons, so the changing the background and ringtone is the only real way to tell the difference between your phone and a friends.

They have paved the way for innovative ground breaking technology, that makes them a serious competitor.

3) Windows phone

The Windows operating system I'm sorry to say is terrible, its slow does not live up to it's nice new look. This is a bad attempt at trying to catch up with the rest of the market. I was very disappointed since they are a huge company to produce such a poor product.

They first brought out the idea of a PDA and now they have lost a huge chunk of the market to Apple and Android, HOW?

As with Vista they live and learn and will probably pull something out the bag eventually, keep your eye on this one.

4) Blackberry

Blackberry phones are hugely popular in many countries, with a multitude of functions and majestic elegant look, is there any wonder why they are still on top. They have kept the all important "phone look" and stayed with their pragmatic keyboard, this has to be a bold and daring step for them since most other phone companies have all moved over to all touch screen.

Bold, snappy and traditional just like our beloved Mini, that’s how I would describe the Blackberry Curve. An extraordinary phone which has a desire to be different, but what's under the bonnet of this beast of a phone? 2.44 inch TFT screen which I would call small, and the space you get is no better at 512MB, but is that it? No they have 3G and WIFI as well as a QWERTY keyboard. Putting in a track-pad and navigating buttons makes manoeuvrability smooth and fast.

It's a joy to hold the little piece of heaven, but it does require a little better spec for us to drool over.

5) Nokia

Nokia was a huge player in the phone industry, and they have been knocked hard by the up and coming Android and Apple.

N97 was a fantastic phone with a huge 32GB of space, and an awesome GPS system why was it overshadowed by Google? One of the main reasons are obvious: Thin phones with a giant app market. I felt bad for Nokia because they work hard to get their phones to be high spec and looking nice but they fail at the last hurdle.

Ovi market place was never a good place to shop and it is partly down to this I think Nokia have fallen behind.

Samsung Galaxy note Android 4.0 update

Samsung has released the Android 4.03 update for the Galaxy note today, 1 June 2012. I believe it to be a good update, with slight changes accross the operating system and better performance over all, coupled with the improvements to some of the apps, I feel like I have a new phone. Many owners of the Galaxy note will be pleased with this update and will see a vast improvment.


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      3 years ago

      I was really confused, and this answered all my qussitone.


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