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Smartphones and The Future of Healthcare App Development

Updated on August 25, 2014

Healthcare Market

“The healthcare mobile app market is expected to reach $27 billion by 2017.”

The Healthcare IT technology is a marriage of healthcare and smartphones. The smartphone market is huge, just huge. Now, with the advent of smartphones in the healthcare industry, the “pay-for-service” has changed to “pay-for-value”. With this quality change, most of the companies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry has are looking towards the smartphone platform with optimistic eyes. And why shouldn’t they? These two industries fall under the bracket of the basic needs of the common people and with time, if they don’t enhance themselves in terms of technological advancement, they are going to face the grunt of being called as obsolete.

The healthcare services in many rural areas of almost all the developing countries are not at par with the urban areas. But one thing is for sure, smartphones have made their way in the rural areas. Thanks to the flexible government plans and technology. Thanks to the booming telecom industry also which keep on coming up with cheap tariff plans and wider connectivity services. Now, the question is whether we can use this potential smartphone platform to provide healthcare services to the people who are there in the rural areas. And the answer is-

YES, we can!
The current market study shows that almost 70% of the mobile users have a smartphone or a tab. Now, the smartphone users with extra medical need or immediate medical attention can be easily provided with these services. And as such attention grows with time, healthcare app development companies can keep on coming up with some diplomatic solutions to overcome these connectivity barriers.

Instant help can be a boon at the time of emergency
It is almost surprising that how can a smartphone be savior at the time of emergency. Okay, let’s try to answer this one-

How many of you know that at the time of a heart-attack, you need to feed aspirin to the patients immediately?

Let’s face it! Not many! And this is why the smartphones are a viable option!

You must have heard about the recently launched HEALTHKIT, the innovative API that the iPhone developers going to get under iOS 8. This API is going to put all your health and fitness related data at one interface and the apps can access this information according to their functionalities. It will work like open cloud, where all your information will be kept as reference and apps can access it for your betterment.

Not only this, with the help of this API, your basic health related information like your blood group, sugar level and few more will be displayed on your home screen, even if the screen is locked. Imagine the level of understanding of technology! The way technology has been used in the smartphones to take down healthcare is really commendable.

Just Few Clicks Away From Healthy Life

Accept the fact that the medical apps are at their early stage

A lot of times it has happen that medical apps have being blamed for poor functionalities, interrupted payment gateways, government interference and much more. What people need to understand here is these healthcare mobile apps are still in their primitive stage. The medical app development companies have to learn a lot from what has happened in the past and should come up with some diplomatic solutions for these minor issues which can be get rid of with time.

Being a leading healthcare app development company, we can clearly see a lack of interest in people towards this emerging technological giant, mostly in the developing countries. If we talk about the developed companies, they have witnessed and accepted the potential of the smartphone platform in the healthcare industry and are deploying it quite well. This is something really crucial for the developing countries and this is what these companies should learn from their developed counterparts. They have to realize that technology is actually providing them everything related to their health on their fingertips.

You are just few clicks away from a healthy life!

Technology can’t and shouldn’t replace doctors!

But there is something that we have seen from very long in the hospitals- PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE! And that is why these apps are important. These apps are capable of providing everything you need at your fingertips. This will also reduce your frequent doctor’s visit on small issues.

Don’t worry about the doctor’s fees

Most of these apps just do one simple thing- forwarding your health and fitness related data to your doctors and returning suggestions from them as the remedy. And forget doctor’s fees! The medical insurance companies will take care of these things. Yes! The insurance companies are lending a helping hand to the healthcare IT technology which will compensate doctor’s advice to their patients. After all, dealing with a patient in need virtually is better than sending him untreated!

This is just the starting. There are so many things that technology has to offer us. All we have to do is to realize its true potential and utilize it efficiently. After all, who would have thought that smartphones could contribute so much in an industry like healthcare?


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