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Smartphones: The Overuse and the Negative Attributions

Updated on August 24, 2015
Joseph Mohammed profile image

Joseph is a print based writer, author, and poet. Joseph likes to share an assortment of different things with people.

Smartphones and related technology have sent the modern world into advancement, in the eyes of consumers and technological outsourcers, we are spiraling toward a large scale bettering, stimulating possibility. Smartphones are a considerable way to access things at a time that is right for many, whether that means on-the-go or during times in which many are overloaded with thoughts and ideas. The essential functions of such devices as smartphones are that they include access to apps which can be useful to people by giving those who want it, entertainment, or maybe just quick services, along with other easily accessible content. Besides the fast paced responsiveness, the enabled search engine features, and the PDA relatedness; smartphones have been the sole reason for fatigue, lack of melatonin production, and a persons distraught mood, when used way to often. Smartphone producers worldwide have claimed that they've seen an unmistakably large growth in smartphone use since the appearance of the first actual known smartphone in the early 1990s, which was able to do everyday functions seen today on a mobile phone, such as schedule dates, receive messages, and keep personalized notes. The widespread use of smartphones began with the release of Nokia's "N8" , powered by a respectable operating system, along with the series of Iphone's having been released from 2007-Present, and the line of HTC phones, being ever present since the early 2000s, but most widely known for their 4G capable data plan assimilation expanding beyond the HTC company, in 2010. Being in the present stage of smartphone usage, 80% of consumers claim to use their phone throughout the day, only hinting further, the true addictive nature of these handhelds. The problems with smartphones are that they not only allow people of different age groups to become unfocused, but they set aside willingness to do things outside of communicable technology; such as parents, friends, and partners of this growing group of people, have witnessed first hand. Problems unrelated to social coordination, or sleep, can be that smartphones include things inside peoples data plan, much unecessary, but still part of the cost. Smartphones also have lead to a breach of information through opening loopholes in personal information that users keep on their phone, often times, creating regret, and not to mention, who would want to have an entire life portfolio on a phone? Smartphones will always continue to prosper, and sales will continue to top themselves years and years after, but it is best kept in mind that the misuse has enforced a drawback upon individuals, mentally, by giving them a different perspective of the inside world, which much of, they don't already know.

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