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Smoother International Travel Gives a Boost to VoIP

Updated on October 30, 2012
Using VoIP Abroad
Using VoIP Abroad

VoIP in a Globalized World

The PSTN system was designed with "local" in mind. From the ground up, telephone numbers were designed to be an indicator of where a person lived. Landline phones attached people to a specific geographic location. The explosive growth of smartphones forced a workaround that gave people a certain amount of mobility. But it is certainly not enough. If you change a service provider and you move to a completely different geographic location, it may be impossible for you to retain your existing telephone number. This causes a great deal of inconvenience and hassle to customers as you can imagine.

VoIP on the other hand is built from the ground up keeping flexibility and mobility in mind. True – it has to integrate with the PSTN system and therefore utilize the same telephone numbers, but there are ways to work around this so that you never have to change a number that you already have regardless of where you move. These accommodations are making VoIP increasingly attractive and cost-effective for frequent travelers especially those who go around the globe on a regular basis.

It is a well-known fact that cell phone costs can quickly add up to thousands of dollars when you're overseas if you're not careful. Most US customers are locked into a contract with a telecommunication company that forbids them from using the SIM card of another carrier. This prevents you from arriving at your destination and merely swapping in the SIM card of a local telco.

VoIP to the Rescue

If you can somehow obtain Wi-Fi connectivity on your smartphone in the country where you land, you can continue to use VoIP in very much the same way as you use it back home. The same telephone number, the same call history, the same contacts – everything in fact. You don't even need to append country codes. Just bring up your contacts list, touch the content you want to call and you're set.

If anything, the greatest difficulty lies in getting hold of a data connection. If Wi-Fi is unavailable, it may be very difficult or expensive for you to get a data plan on your phone. But even here, the amazing adaptability of VoIP will help you out. If you carry a second phone with you that is unlocked, you can get a local data plan, sign into your Philadelphia business VoIP account, and get the same calling experience including the telephone number that you get with your regular device.

If you're a business with employees going abroad regularly, using a VoIP service is a no-brainer as it can save you thousands of dollars in communication bills. VoIP with Wi-Fi will take care of most of your employees' needs and local data plans on alternate phones can do the rest.


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