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Snipping Tool

Updated on November 30, 2010

Microsoft Snipping Tool

If you do not know what the Snipping Tool by now then you must living under a rock! The Snipping Tool is a software developed by Microsoft and comes with Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista and the Microsoft Windows XP Experience Pack for Tablet PCs. The Snipping Tool is incredibly useful to capture content on your computer screen. In the old days you would have to use the Print Screen button and then paste your screenshot into Microsoft Paint. That was tedious and sometimes you did not want the whole screen but just a piece of it. The Microsoft Snipping Tool is here to save the day!

So how does it work? Open up the Snipping Tool and then select the area of the screen you want to copy. Once you let go your mouse the Snipping Tool instantly captures the image. Now you have the option to save it or you can email it right away. There are also many other features such as selecting the border color of the snip, highlighting areas of the snip and drawing on the snip.

Microsoft Snipping Tool for Windows Vista and Windows 7
Microsoft Snipping Tool for Windows Vista and Windows 7

The Microsoft Snipping Tool is available for Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating systems but not Windows XP. If you would like to use a software similar to the Snipping Tool; I would suggest SnagIT.


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    • profile image

      Steve Orris 6 years ago

      Very cool. I do it the old way because I have XP. But I look forward to a brighter easier day ahead when I can use this. Sounds great.