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So I've Ditched My Social Media Accounts, Now What?

Updated on June 12, 2017
I said NO, I will not be tied down. Not today Satan!
I said NO, I will not be tied down. Not today Satan!

Gone cold turkey, with no regrets...

I have made quite the decision, to officially quit social media! I've deactivated my accounts (the ones that allow this) and have deleted the apps for the ones that don't allow deactivation. After giving it MUCH thought, I have decided that it is what's best for me at this point in my life. I have not yet set a return date, so this decision may well be a long standing one.

Now, let me provide a bit of reason..

Honestly, I had began to lose interest in social networks months ago, and my amount of usage plummeted because of this. I've never been much of a social person anyway, both virtually & realistically. My level of interaction has decreased greatly since 2016 because, if I may be brutally honest here (which I may), human interaction via social media is so, generic & bland, just totally unfulfilling and non-stimulating to my brain.

People are like cloned robots nowadays, following all the wave of trends as they hit the shore and foolishly idolizing them until the next wave hits. They enjoy empty likes, demeaning memes, and going viral for things that truly DO NOT MATTER in the real world. There is no sense of individuality among these Twitter "followers" & Facebook "friends". I-just-couldn't-deal. All of their worldliness & sinfulness constantly finding it's way to my timeline, almost as if to pull me into their revolving world of nothingness. It was simply not working for me, nor for my spirit.

Last year, I had to create a whole new account on Twitter leaving behind nearly 30k followers, just to get a new timeline feed, you know, like a fresh start. A chance to enjoy Twitter without being forced to look at the most distasteful content known to man. I was sick of all the constant porn, perverse sexual posts, mind-numbing music, and how could I forget the "beauty clowns" & their caked up, made up faces. Spreading about immorality and self hatred, pure ignorance, and other things unappealing to me as a positive and humbled being. I-just-couldn't-deal. Literally, I have no idea how people get enjoyment for hours upon hours out of such content. Oh, wait.. I know how, the "users" are un-willfully brainwashed and unknowingly addicted. Scrolling and scrolling and refreshing for more, while completely losing sight of what truly matters in life.

I must admit, one thing Twitter has shown me, is that this world is in BAD SHAPE. However, I shall speak solely on the contents of my own country, the U-S-of-A where most of the inhabitants are lost sheep, following the blind herd to nowhere. Relying on technology for temporary satisfaction & instant gratification. They are selfish and vain beings, but I judge not. I'm merely here to relay the truth! Truth is, it's ridiculous, and I am shocked at how lost and blind people are. Not to start preaching a sermon here, but I must say, I as a follower of Christ, can admit that this world's amount of sin directly compares to back in Noah's day. I'm saddened for humanity, because the majority are in so deep, entrapped in the matrix of Satan's trickery. If only they would wake up, and arise from being swallowed up in ignorance while spewing out ungodliness.

I am no saint, and I am not here portraying myself as one. If you know me, and have followed my journey over the past 7 years as a rap artist you know the things I've done, but surely you are unaware of the things I've seen, for some things are to stay between the Almighty and self. I am saddened by the fact that I must turn away from the support of the fanbase I've built over the past years. But if my supporters are truly interested in what I have to offer to the world, then surely they will find me and continue to support me without my presence on social media.

I still have big plans for my music career, as I always have, but there are other steps in my life that I must master before I can reap the rewards. Slow and steady wins the race. Twenty something years ago I embarked on my first baby steps, and look at the amount of successful steps I've made since!! Remember, I'm here to inspire and motivate people to continue pressing forward. Don't look back, and don't be distracted! Social media was my biggest distractor! So I quit it, cold turkey, because I'm a boss like that.

At the end of the day, I am doing what is best for me, both in this life and in the next, and isn't that all that truly matters?

-- ♠︎

What's your social media drug of choice?

My fix was Twitter, how about you?

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Curious Comment Question? Do you see yourself refraining from social media one day, if so, why? If not, why?

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