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Social Network Case Study Updated

Updated on March 20, 2015

Social Media Platforms Hold Their Weight

Update 3/19/2015

It has been a while since I posted a Social Media update. Utilizing Social Network platforms has helped my websites, blogs, articles and Youtube channels receive increase traffic and the increase of traffic has helped my bottom line of earning daily residual income.

I'm not going to list the numbers of Subscribers, Followers, Page Likes and Group Members because the numbers on all platforms have increased so much that I don't want to take the time to list them all. However, I did want to take the time to inform you that all of my Social platform accounts now receive daily activity from my Subscribers, Followers and Members.

The hike in activity on my accounts developed into daily conversation. I look forward to signing in to see who Liked and Shared one of my posts or to see who Pinned one of my Pins. I love it. It did take several years to build up a faithful following of people but the work and wait was worth it. Building an online presence and watching it expand does not happen overnight but it does happen gradually over time.

I recorded a video explaining how to benefit from Social Networking platforms and to share my success of building up a faithful following of people.
Free does work!

Social Networks Internet Market Online

Social Network Case Study Banner

11/7/2011 - 9/18/2013 Social Network Case Study

I felt it was time to show off the positive statistics of using Social Networking Platforms daily as a form of Internet Marketing. The results are positive and look forward to working them for continuous growth.

I started the Social Networking Case Study in 11/7/2011 and today I share the statistics of increased Followers, Subscribers, Members and Likes. Yeah! It was worth it and now I have a solid foundation of platforms to work in my favor for years to come. I feel the best is yet to come.

Below I list the numbers to my Social Networks. Start Date: 11/7/11

  • Linkedin Group Members: 1
  • Facebook Page: Likes - 22 - Talking About - 3
  • Facebook Group Members: 8
  • Twitter Followers: 339
  • YouTube Channel: Channel Views - 6,761 - Video Uploads - 2,976 - Subscribers 71

I've joined more Social Network Platforms and it's because I realized how valuable it is being active in Social Network communities. It does matter.

Today's Date 9/18/13

  • Linkedin - I have a Professional Profile filled with 69 Connections.
  • Twitter
    Homebaseincome - - Followers = 1,667
    ForwardingNews - - Followers = 604
    LotOfCoupons - - Followers = 585
  • Youtube
    Homebaseincome101 - - Subscribers = 97 - Views = 10,216
    InternetEducation101 - - Subscribers = 113 - Views = 34,068
  • Google +
    1ST. account - - Internet Connections Circle = 1,567
    2ND. account - - Internet Connections Circle = 40
    3RD. account - - Internet Connections Circle = 217

I do have more Circles in each Google + account but to list them would take way to long.

  • Facebook Pages
    FreeWriteRevenueStreams = 149 Likes
    LotOfCouponsDotCom = 113
    Roku TV Channel Developers = 34
  • Facebook Group
    Online Article Writers = 139 members

  • Pinterest
    Boards = 38
    Pins = 851
    Likes = 75

  • Instagram
    Post = 17
    Followers = 13
    Following = 32

I hope this helps to motivate you when starting from the beginning of a task. I had to step up to the plate to put a solid organized foundation on building daily activity without me needing to work it daily. Eventually Followers, Subscribers, Members and Likes work your platforms so when you do sign in you have lots to enjoy and engaging.

Never give up! Always push forward because eventually it will start to work in your favor. I'll be back in the future to post updates.

How many Social Network Platforms do you have accounts with?

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2013 Social Network Update

At the start of 2013, I promised myself that I would focus building up a Following, build up Subscribers and build up a Member base depending on the Social Network. I updated profile pictures and information, I cleaned out non-followers and developed a weekly habit of being active at each Social Network platform. Being active and staying engaged with your Followers, Subscribers and Members is just as important as Internet Marketing.

Taking the time to fill out the profile section at each Social Network I found to be a clever way to market online. Writing a short introduction about what I do online AND linking other profile URLs and Domain URLs has directed traffic my way. I've noticed an increase of visitors, activity, Followers, Subscribers, group Members and people joining programs through my referral links. A few of the visitors who joined the opportunities I promote have told me that they came across my profile at Facebook and started to follow me. Others told me they came across my Youtube profile and decided to follow me too. Taking the time to fill out the profile sections at each Social Network website you use to socialize can be utilized as a form of free Internet Marketing. Eventually people are going to come across your profile. I glance at people's profiles all the time to find out what they are all about.

I recorded a video to show how I utilize profile platforms to my advantage. I took the time to fill in each profile to promote myself and the profiles will advertise me for years to come. A set it and forget it method of free Internet Marketing. Free Does Work!!!

How many Social Network Profiles do you have set up to advertise your opportunities, articles, blogs, websites, and videos?

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Connect More At Pinterest

Part Two Of The Social Networking Case Study

Update Of Social Networking

In November 2011 I decided to do a Social Networking Case Study. My goal was to find out if Social Networking Websites like Facebook Pages and Groups, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube really packed the punch so many claim they do. The results of the Case Study showed positive results.

The Social Networking Video Part Two was recorded using an iPad3 free App. It's not the best video but in order to get better using new mobile devices to continue to expand and grow, I decided to use it to record the video update.

First I speak about LinkedIn. I did not promote or use the LinkedIn Group I created BUT I did learn how to use the LinkedIn platform and more often to help with Internet Marketing. LinkedIn is a solid free platform to use to make connections with like-minded people and helps direct traffic to your URLs.

Facebook Pages and Groups help with recurring followers. I now have subscribers visiting my Facebook Pages and Groups to post their URLs for other members to read and share. My Facebook members help each other go viral by sharing each others articles, blogs, websites and videos sharing them through Facebook or by Tweeting, Google +1 or Pinning. The Facebook Page FreeWriteRevenueStreams and Facebook Group Online Article Writers both have daily users. If you would like to join in to post your URLs, please feel free to do so. Many of my subscribers/followers have their own Facebook Pages and Groups that I visit and use frequently too.

My Twitter account has been working to my advantage too. I've been working on weeding out Non-Followers and doing so has helped me increase active Followers. For the longest time I had about 350 Followers but after putting time into weeding out the Non-Followers my Following count reached 474 Followers and still rising. I've come to really like Twitter and for years I never could grasp the concept of using Twitter as a form of free Internet Marketing but now I understand the power it holds to help build a Following and Internet Market.

Youtube has helped me make many connections and it Youtube helps with Internet Marketing. Uploading videos to use in my articles, blogs and websites does increase my bottom line of building a Following and earning revenue. I now have two solid Youtube Channels. My HomeBaseIncome101 channel I use for both business and pleasure but my InternetEducation101 Youtube channel I use to continue to grow my Internet Business. It's a channel dedicated to teach people what I do online and how I do it.

Social Network Case Study 101

Do Social Networks Really Pack The Punch?

I've been told many times that using Social Network Websites help to recruit new members, increase followers, increase traffic and helps your income's bottom line. This Hubs topic speaks about using Social Networking Websites as a way to advertise online. It also speaks about a Social Network Case Study I'm conducting to see if all the hype is true about the power Social Networking Websites hold to help expand an Internet Business to succeed.

Background Experience Using Social Networks

I have not used Social Network Websites as a main form of free advertising online. Today's date is 11/7/11 and about two years ago I opened a Facebook account but did not use it much at all. I linked up with some friends and family to share posts, pictures and videos but that was pretty much it. Then about six months later I created a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group but again, I did not do much with them. The first year I had a Facebook account I found it to be intimidating to use but over time I became more comfortable using the Facebook platform.

What about Twitter? I opened an account about a year ago and again, I did not use it much. I mostly connected with article and blog writers and Tweeted occasionally but that's all I did. Over time I received emails from people who would request to follow me, I would approve them and post a few Tweets then not sign in for another month. I never took the time to build a following.

What about Linkedin? Again, I had an account but barely filled out my profile, never made any connections and probably didn't sign into my account for almost a year. On 11/6/11 I sat down, filled out my profile, made a few connections and created a Linkedin Group of my own.

What about Youtube? I created a Youtube Channel in November 2010. Youtube is the reason why I felt I should focus using Social Network Websites more often as a form of free advertising.

The Plan I'm Implementing

I'm here to share a Social Network Case Study I am conducting to see if using Social Network Websites do really make the mark to help an Internet Business reach a higher level. My plan is to use the Social Network Websites daily. I will become an active member at Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and of course continue being active at YouTube. My Case Study starts on 11/7/11 and I will update this Hub in January 2012 with the results. I'm looking forward to see how many new connections I can make within a couple of months.

Below I list the numbers to my Social Networks. Start Date: 11/7/11

  • Linkedin Group Members: 1
  • Facebook Page: Likes - 22 - Talking About - 3
  • Facebook Group Members: 8
  • Twitter Followers: 339
  • YouTube Channel: Channel Views - 6,761 - Video Uploads - 2,976 - Subscribers 71

To Be Continued

Do You Use Social Network Websites As A Form Of Free Advertising?

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How Many Members, Followers or Subscribers Have You Made?

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    • Eiddwen profile image


      5 years ago from Wales

      A great hub; interesting and useful


    • Bronterae profile image


      6 years ago from Nor Cal

      Voted up and shared! I will friend you on youtube. Thanks for posting.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      6 years ago

      I read this hub and agree with your posting on stats. I have found Facebook to generate slight interest. Your mention of youtube is one I am going to consider as another avenue for marketing. I don't know if you have posted the Jan update but I will certainly read it. Thanks for the encouragement.

    • ThePracticalMommy profile image


      6 years ago from United States

      I'm looking forward to the update in Jan. 2012! I use my Facebook page,Twitter, and Google+ page fairly often, and I think it all works for me.

      Voted up and sharing!

    • mailxpress profile imageAUTHOR

      Michelle Cesare 

      7 years ago from New York

      Thanks FailureToSuccess, I'm looking forward to the challenge. See you around soon.

    • Failuretosuccess profile image


      7 years ago from United States

      Nice, look forward to reading about the results. I'm sure there are a LOT of us who could make better use of many of the social networking sites, so this is an inspiration!


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