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Social Networking: A Key to Worldwide Peace?

Updated on January 29, 2012
Are we living in a world connected by the worldwide web?
Are we living in a world connected by the worldwide web? | Source

Do you consider yourself a social network geek? or loyalist?

Are you "in" about everything else?

Do you connect with people you know 50 to 70% over the worldwide web even if you are living distances apart?

If your answer to most of these questions is "YES".. then you might be aware that social networking is today's most accepted trend of worldwide communication. In fact, surveys impose that at least 67% of the worldwide population engage in social networking connections. Why has social networking incurred such rate of popularity? In the years that passed, communication between families and friends living apart from each other has become such a problem especially for those who had the need to distance themselves for the sake of getting a better job abroad. Relatively, the response was to create innovative forms of communication that are able to provide the families and their friends with good connections so as to protect their relationships even when they are situated in distant areas of the world.

Social networking was a branch of that innovative communication process that is now being considered as part of the "modern world culture".

Take note how social networking slowly takes over so many basic things that humans tend to engage in. It could be analyzed too that these portals of connection has also been used by many individuals [regardless of their race] to connect with others. There are instances when one social network user has 1000 friends, perhaps 30% of which he or she does not know. Some of these people come from different places around the globe simply "interested in making new friends abroad". Could it be that social networking be a possible tool for incurring world peace?

Relatively, some users of the said system of international connection say so. Believing that they can make friends online with individuals from other parts of the globe, some users utilize social networking sites as a community to find friends who they think would have interest on them. The practice of finding more friends online is a culture that the social networking phenomena has spurn into existence.

How then should you react?

Are you addicted?
Are you addicted?

While some do say that social networking has opened their doors to knowing more people and learning about the culture and ways of living of other individuals from all over the globe, it has apparently closed their doors to relating to individuals whom they are actually with. Have you ever found yourself responding less to calls of family members within the house because you were too busy attending to your social site? Well, you are not alone.

At present, at least 45% of individuals aged 10 to 46 are engaging in extensive social networking that at some point, they let it rule their everyday lives. Question then is, would it be worth it to define social networking as a tool for worldwide peace when it becomes a barrier to communication that we have with those who we are actually with?


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