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Social Networks for Bronies

Updated on August 10, 2012

Hey. Looking for Pony Social Networking? Want to meet fellow Ponies? Need places to promote Pony-related stuff? Show off your art?

These sites are often used by bronies for a variety of things. Some are Brony-specific, some aren't but have Bronies on them. Check them out!

For promotional purposes, I should disclose that while I use each of these sites, none of these sites are paying me to promote them under any affiliate program. These are all good sites you should check out at least once because they are awesome.


This is the original MLP social networking site. If you read my previous article, you would have seen me referencing 4chan. Apparently I'm not allowed to talk about 4chan, but Ponychan is the Brony equivalent of 4chan.

PonyChan is an imageboard for Bronies. Everything is posted anonymously. You do not sign up... you just post. If replying to a specific post, you reference a post number, not the username. And while there are rules about you can post... this where you will likely find some of the more offensive pony stuff.

However, you'll also find a great deal of fan-fictions, and some of the best, and funniest content. Also, It's always fun to share pics, and just hang out with other ponies.

I give this a 7 brohoofs out of 10

Visit PonyChan


This is one of the larger sites. It's predominantly Role Play-based. Really, it's like Facebook for your OC (Original Character) and it's kind of fun. Last I checked, it was close to 20,000 members, although I'm not entirely sure how many active users regularly visit this site. The downside? A lot of the users forget there are children who are also fans of the show, so you'll find a lot of swearing in conversation or users with expletive in their usernames. But if you can handle that, then feel free to give PonySquare a chance.

7 brohoofs out of 10

Sign up for Ponysquare


Okay, this site isn't specifically for Bronies, but let's face it, a lot of bronies are amazing artists, and this is the site to share your artwork, meet other artists, or commission another artist to a picture of your OC.

Several ponies I've met have accounts here. And they are amazing artists. Of course, many of the artists do draw "inappropriate" pictures... but even then, some of them are still AMAZING artists. Also, it's great for making arrangements and following up on which artists are going to be at which conventions and the like.

Also, Lauren Faust, the creator of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" has a DeviantArt account.

I give this site 8/10 brohoofs for the fact Lauren Faust is a member. And I have a lot of friends on this site.

Click Here to visit Lauren Faust on dA!


When you first visit this site, it will look a lot like PonySquare. Well, both sites I believe were based on "old facebook," so it would make sense. The difference? iBrony tries to make itself much more family friendly. The administrators interact with the users, the moderators were users before they were moderators (and are still users) and the site has members of all ages, so they work hard to foster a family friendly environment. Also, you can post videos and links to promote your blogs and work, and has a very active RP forum.

Also, once you join, if you're an active user and posting pony related content or RPing, or just making your presence known, it's very easy to acquire friends and followers. Like any other social networking site, it does has it's fair share of drama, but the moderators (known as "Guardians") work hard to keep it contained and limited.

I give this site 9.5 brohoofs out of 10. It really is my favourite of the bunch, but if it were completely drama free it would get my perfect 10. However, the drama is kept to a minimum, so it is still an awesome site.

Click here to sign up for iBrony!


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    • profile image

      cherrybomb 3 years ago

      Ibrony actually sucks, theres a reason why its site got shut down because the owners were money stealers and they just wanted money, and the guardians are just a phony because anybody easily be a guardian back then just by buying it and they take that power to Remove some one off the site whoever they don't like, I have experience it 2 times at ibrony of them removing me from the site from Bull crap lies they make. When I first made an account on that site I was very famous and very known until guardians and mods started bothering me & Harassing me then out of nowhere they ban me for a few days and after those days they ban me again permanently. I think the brony fanbase should really be based on Adults and mature Teenagers then little immature boys and girls.

    • profile image

      JacobSyndeo 4 years ago

      Hey, you should add to that list. It's been around longer than both PonySquare AND iBrony, and has a substantial user base and a thriving community.

    • profile image

      earthpony212 4 years ago

      i would add to that list, a fair alternative to pony chan.