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Social networking software - Social Network Script

Updated on May 20, 2011
You could be King/Queen of your own Network
You could be King/Queen of your own Network

Social Network Software

I have a lot of other online projects aside from writing, I have a few domains, another anonymous hubber account and I also plan on revamping my Youtube account for their partnership program.

I don't plan on exposing the social media software I used to design my network since I believe this is one of the special ingredients within my design that is proving successful. There are a variety of software scripts available across the internet, some you pay for, others are free but I always think 'you get what you pay for'.

Some names of social networking tools that I have found include:

  • webNetwork - They offer easy customisation of their pre-designed templates and also integrate the Facebook Like button and Tweets.
  • KickApps - This company has a lot of new options to help support your quest for new member sign ups and audience. This can be the key to whether your social network fails of succeeds. They also offer a free trial.
  • Kootali - This software claims to be a Facebook script clone, they specialise in communicative expertise and are constantly developing new ways for users to engage in argumentative and critical discussions.

I personally paid £125 for my open source social networking, it comes with customer support 24/7, dedicated servers, software updates, affiliate billing system, memberships billing and much more. I also chose the premium package which removes the trademark symbol of the script owner, you can buy a £90 basic product as well.

Photo courtesy of fellowcreative

Member Sign Up Statistics

Above I have given a screenshot of my administrative area for my social network, this is separate web address that I visit each day to see the activity that has occurred including member sign ups or to deal with spammers in the community.

It has everything you would want to monitor to see how popular a particular area of your network is and all of this is efficiently organised on the first sign in page, including a handy 'Google Maps' page to see where the majority of your members come from.

Website Theme

Above we can see the theme gallery, this has a large selection of styles for your social net, you can change between these instantaneously and with the click of a button your website is transformed. It comes with an image folder that has advertisements encouraging 'sign up', related photos of couples and logos. You can edit the image folder whenever you like and upload your own logos and photos relevent to your niche society of people.

If you want a description to inform visitors about what goes on inside and the latest subscription deals, you can edit that in this area with meta tags to help your search engine ranking.

Email Templates

One thing which gives that feeling of professionalism and 'power' over your online community is the pre-designed email corporate I.D. You can send alerts to your members and make announcements about what is being added and this is a good way to keep members interested and aware your site is keeping in with trends.

Plugin Features

With each update that is available from my script provider it comes with plugins for the hottest applications on the market, for example, my site has a gallery which displays Youtube uploads of members, Instant messenger with emoticions, Wibiya social updates and Tell a friend buttons.

All this is displayed in the section above, options to contact the plugin developer.

Advertisements and Affiliates

One of the all important factors that web designers are interested in when creating an online business is 'how will I earn from advertising' on my pages? I suggest Google Adsense because they advertise a wide variety of products and offer an affiliate network where you can contact and negotiate your commission percentage with advertisers.

If you want to insert HTML advert code into your pages, most Social website software comes with an administrative section such as above to copy and paste this from your Adsense for content generator.


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