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Social media

Updated on August 1, 2016

Social Media

Streaming Media: Is a compressed form of a video or audio that is sent through the Internet. The video or audio can be watched or listened to immediately, instead of having to be saved to a hard drive. When streaming you don't have to wait to have the audio or video downloaded to a file to play it. Through streaming we can watch current and past t.v. shows and movies as well as watch videos on various different subjects through the Internet. Streaming is able to be performed on t.v.’s, computer, iPads and phones.

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Wikis: Is a website that it's text can be changed by its users. The site is a web server that can be left open for public access through the Internet. The site can also be left open for company’s network use only. With wikis’s we can communicate and share our opinions with other people through the Internet.

Blog: Is a form of a web log, that is a site where writers can write and share. Writers can share their short stories, opinions, journal entries, and facts and information with readers. The entries are in a dated order and are written on various subjects.

Source: www.techtarget>

Podcast: is a digital audio recording that can be downloaded from the Internet to a computer, IPod , or MP3 player.


Webcast: The broadcast of a video of an event that is transmitted through the Internet.



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