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Softbank's Packet Hodai Plan and SmartPhone Discount

Updated on November 28, 2010

Softbank is a mobile cellphone carrier in Japan that has been the first to fully adopt Smart Phones. Also Softbank is the only carrier offering the iphone 3 and iphone4, the new 3D enabled Android smart phone by Sharp, known as the Galapagos as well as the new HTC Desire HD.

All these smartphone's are fantastic and stylish. And unfortunately very expensive! Not only do they require a huge amount packet use over softbank's network to be worthwhile, they also are pricey pieces of technology in their own right. Tack on the cost of phone accessories such as headphones and cases not to mention apps, and smartphones start to seem really expensive.

Packet Hodai

Fortunately, Softbank offers a pretty excellent "packet hodai" plan. Packet hodai translates roughly into "unlimited packets." The plan allows for unlimited use of internet via Softbank's high speed 3g network and wifi access points. The price for this unlimited plan is about 4400 yen. This may seem steep but actually it's a pretty awesome deal especially when combined with Softbank's other low cost plans, such as it's "white plan."

Compared to AU and Docomo this plan is actually incredibly cheap. Docomo for example has a similar plan that costs roughly 1500 yen more and AU has a service that costs up to 2000 yen more.

Packet Hodai and Smartphone Discount

The biggest reason to select the packet hodai plan is that you can get a helfty discount on your new phone! Softbank requires a 2 year contract for all of it's phones, and during this time you gradually pay off your phone every month. If you elect to get the unlimited packet plan you can get a 2200 yen discount on the cost of your phone every month. This means for example that a new iphone 4 will cost you only 2900 yen a month, and a new HTC Desire HD will cost about 2000 yen a month thanks to this discount. Huge savings! Plus of course you can use that sexy new smartphone without worrying about your packet use. 


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    • H P Roychoudhury profile image

      H P Roychoudhury 7 years ago from Guwahati, India

      Japan is all the times well advanced in her technology. Now Softbank is not an exception. Thanks for new technology.