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Software to Draw Flowcharts

Updated on March 18, 2013

You Should Follow This Flowchart

Using Word for Flowcharts?
Using Word for Flowcharts?

Don't Spend Hours Creating Flowcharts

Flowcharts are probably the only diagram that is universally understood. From schools to large corporations, it is probably the most widely used diagram type in the world. But I still see many people struggling to come up with flowcharts using software like Microsoft Word, when there are many other better alternative available to them.

If you ever tried drawing flowcharts using a text editor you'll understand how cumbersome the task can be. You need to drag object, connect them using arrows and fill in the data. If you ever needed to move a process or a decision block then you need to redo the arrow and everything. If you're someone like this then check out the below software list to save tons of time.

Creately Diagramming Software

The first in the list is a web based diagramming software called Creately. This is the tool I personally use to draw flowcharts, mind maps and many other diagram types. Since we're discussing software to draw flowcharts you can get started by visiting their flowchart page. Click the start drawing now button and rest will be explained in the diagram. The great thing about Creately is that beginners can get started instantly because of the low learning curve. Some of it's advantages include

  • Professional templates to get started quickly
  • Ability to create and connect processes and decisions in 1 single click
  • Complete library filled with all flowchart objects
  • Low learning curve to get started quickly
  • Flexible pricing including free accounts
  • Automatic alignment of other object when you move a block

Microsoft Visio

Probably the most popular diagramming software in the planet. I often used this during my software engineering days and it fully support drawing flowcharts. The problem is, even the cheapest license will cost you around 300$. Schools and start-ups can get access to it cheaply via it's various partner programs, but for someone who's looking to draw flowcharts then this might be not the perfect fit. Visit the Visio page to checkout various pricing options. Some of the advantages include

  • Templates to get started quickly
  • Automatic alignment of diagrams

Dia Diagram Software

If you're a open source fanatic then Dia diagramming software is a good match for you. It's a bit more clunky than Creately and Visio but with some practice you can get around this problem without hassle. Dia provide ways to create your own libraries and many other customizing features, but it could be too much for someone who's looking to draw few flowcharts.

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More Software to Draw Flowcharts

Above I have listed down a SaaS software, Commercial software and open source software to draw flowcharts. But there are plenty more diagramming tools out there that can do a definitely better job than Word or any other text editor. Know of another great software? Mention it in the comments below are we might add it to this list.


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    • rumbling profile image

      Nishadha Silva 4 years ago from Sri Lanka

      Hi Devnet,

      I 100% agree with you. Lack of awareness is the main reason why people don't use these easy to use and cheap tools for their flowchart and other diagramming needs. Hopefully this hub will help a bit to rectify that. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

    • devnet-it profile image

      devnet-it 4 years ago

      If we consider a minimum design of a flowchart then we may think about text editor. Because all programmers are not interested of new tolls or not aware of other design tools but ms office or open office tools.

      Your approach is good indeed.