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Software to speed up pc

Updated on August 11, 2010

Software to speed up my PC

As you use your computer the performance of the computer decreases.It is because there are lot of files created whenever an activity is done on a PC.

All these garbage leads to sluggish performance of your PC.If you are frustrated with your slow running PC there is a solution.

Clear the garbage present in your PC.

How to do it ?

  1. Remove unwanted registry entries from, your computer
  2. Remove temporary files
  3. De fragment hard disks
  4. Remove spy ware
  5. Tweak unoptimized settings
  6. Check hard disk for errors
  7. Remove traces of previously installed programs

You can do these things manually.System tools (in windows xp) like disk checkup and disk derangement will help you speed up your PC.

You can also consider using software's such as IOLO System Mechanic .(

Iolo System mechanic comes in 2 forms

  • Standard and
  • Professional

Standard version does the above mentioned tasks.Professional version comes with virus protection, file recovery etc.

These soft wares does the job with one click of mouse.It will help you save time and speed up your PC too.

If you have slow internet speed , take a look at this:

How to speed up by Internet Connection


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