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Software Update For iPhone 4 & iPhone 4s

Updated on February 7, 2016

The iPhone is a smartphone created by Apple. The iPhone running on iOS operating system. But in this article we are talking about iPhone 4. iPhone 4 was released in September 2012. Default iPhone 4 operating system is iOS 6.

In this instruction you will get step-by-step information how to update your iOS in iPhone 4. So:

  1. Check if your device is connected to power source.
  2. Go to "Settings" >> "General" and tap on "Software Update".
  3. If update is available you have to tap on "Download".
  4. After download is completed tap on "Install".
  5. Wait, iPhone iOS will be automaticly updated.

Tips while you updating your iOS:

  • Ensure you have backup of data from your phone.
  • Ensure you have enough storage to update iOS.

5 stars for iOS


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