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Software Vendors offering their applications for Kenyan Banks

Updated on April 9, 2013
Coop uses banking solutions from Symphony
Coop uses banking solutions from Symphony
Equity Bank Ltd uses Finacle
Equity Bank Ltd uses Finacle
Kenya Commercial Bank uses banking software solutions from Symphony
Kenya Commercial Bank uses banking software solutions from Symphony


History of Symphony

Symphony is a company with a rich history in Kenya dating to 1979. This was the time when Computer Applications Ltd (CAL) was launched by Da Gama Rose Group. It was CAL that introduced the first portable Personal Computer to Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

It was established by Price Waterhouse in 1984 in a study that CAL was already an IT market leader in Kenya. This was leadership was later duplicated in Uganda and Tanzania as well. Later on in 1982, Symphony opened offices in Somalia, Rwanda and Burundi. Leadership was also attained in those markets as well.

Business Computer Systems was acquired by CaL in 1983. This company was by then a principle partner of IBM.

Nowadays Symphony is comprised of other sister companies such as: These are companies which are fused together to work in synergy. All these companies work from the same building under a single management.

· Legend Technologies: This is a company which was started in the EPZ to carry out the assembly of its own branded computers. This company was responsible for representing Sun Microsystems in Kenya.

· The Institute of Advanced Technology (IAT). This is a leading institution that offers high quality training in IT in Kenya. It is actually one of the largest IT training institutions in Africa.

· Systems Reliability Ltd (SRL). This is a company that deals with UPSs, media, structured cabling and other related products used in supporting computer environment.

· Action Plus: This is the company that is specialized in offering National ID and Military solutions.

The entire sister companies had focused in a particular area of operation. These companies have at least made many breakthroughs in technology.

The following are some of the companies that need large scale solutions from SYMPHONY.

· Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC)

· YU

· General Motors

· Safaricom

· Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB)

· National Bank

· Cooperative Bank

· Kenya Airports Authority (KAA).

· Kenya Seed Company among others

Symphony Supplies a range of services and products. They supply servers infrastructure from IBM and SUN, Personal Computers, UPS Back-Up Systems, LAN & WAN, Printers, Business Software (iLogi, Websphere, Tivoli and Lotus Domino), Document Management System among others.

Infosys Technologies Limited

In 2005, Equity Bank Limited started using the Finacle core banking solution offered by Infosys Technologies Limited. The application is used in all its ATMs. The software makes it possible for bank customers to enjoy internet banking services, SMS alerts and mobile banking which is very secure.

Equity bank had spent $ 8 million USD to acquire its core banking application that it uses in all its branches. The software is made up of a modern banking platform, secure ATM network and a data centre which is highly advanced.

About Finacle

This is a universal banking application offered by Infosys. The solution is used in empowering banks in transforming service delivery. This solution is used in e-banking, CRM, wealth management, treasury, core banking among other services. The application is suitable for private banks, retail, community and corporate banks.

Customers who use the Finacle solution are spread across 81 countries worldwide. Major customers include: Arab National Bank, First Bank of Nigeria, Post Bank Uganda Limited, ANZ Bank, Raiffeissenbank, Bank Dhofar, Zurich Financial Services, ALEXBANK, Cooperative Financial Services, Nykredit, Credit Suisse, National Australia Group Europe, ICICI Bank and Hatton National Bank among others.

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    • gkerosi profile image

      Geoffrey Kerosi 5 years ago from Nairobi

      Thank you Jephter....will keep supplying you with high quality hubs.

    • Jephiter S Ondari profile image

      Ondari S Jephiter 5 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Hello gkerosi,

      Good news for coders and software engineers in Kenya. The market is quite huge and open. Well written :)

    • gkerosi profile image

      Geoffrey Kerosi 5 years ago from Nairobi

      Read this hub for you to know the vendors who supply banking software for the Kenyan banks. Will be glad to hear from you.