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Solar Energy News to Use and Share

Updated on November 23, 2015

Top 10 Solar Toys for 2015 Shopping Season

Here is a list of our Top 10 Solar Powered toys, kits, gadgets...

All toys are pictured below w link to its Amazon page.

10. 6-in-1 SolarBuild Your Own Toy: Cheaply built, but also inexpensive. A good stocking stuffer. $ 7.00
9. Elenco Solar Deluxe Education Kit:
8. Grasshopper: cool and affordable for ALL the kids $ 3.00
7. TedcoToys, a more affordable version of # 5. $ 40.00
6. K.NEX Education Investigating Solar Kit: $ 150.00
5. Green Energy Paradise: Build a town, really cool. $ 70.00
4. Electronictechcrafts 14-1 Solar Robot Kit: Amazon for $24.00
3. The OWI Solar Space Fleet: Amazon for $24.00
2. The OWI Super Solar Recycler: Turn a soda can into a robot. $ 19.00.

#1 Favorite Solar Toy of 2015:

SolarLab 1.0: This newly designed solar education kit has been created to teach students of all ages, solar cell and electrical circuitry concepts. It contains 9 step by step labs that walk users through easy to understand experiments. Each lesson teaches everything young learners will need to gain introductorily knowledge on solar cells as they integrate them into various circuits.


Top 10 Best Solar Learning Toys

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#10: 6 in 1 Solar Build Your Own Toy  
Cheap quality, but inexpensive. A good stocking stuffer for ages 10 and under.  
$ 7.00 on Amazon  
#9: Elanco Solar Deluxe Education Kit
5VDC solar cells pre wired in sets of 3, 5v DC mother, snap kit circuitry, fan blade, bulb, sound module, graphic card. Ages 8+
$16.80 on Amazon
#8: Solar Grasshopper
Solar powered education toy that is super cool and fun. Ages 8-14.
$4.00 on Amazon
#7: Tedco Amazing Schoolhouse
100% battery-free learning. Encourages kids to experiment on their own with solar energy. Ages 8+
$ 26 oon Amazon
#6: K'nee Education Investigating Solar Energy
Go green and bring STEM concepts to life with the K'NEX Investigating Solar Energy Set! Learn how to harness the energy of the sun into electricity to power K'NEX models. Builds three models and Includes 128 K'NEX parts, solar panel and motor. Building instructions and teacher's guide aligned to National STEM Standards included.
$ 65 on Amazon
#5: Tedco Toys Green Energy Paradise
Build a renewable energy town. Construction learn and play kit. Over 260 pieces. Learn solar, wind and generator energy. Ages 8-80
$70.00 on Amazon
#4: Electronictechcrafts 14-in-1 Solar Robot Kit
Easily change from a wagging-tail dog - running beetle - walking crab - surfer - speedster - zombie chaser and more. The robot kit provides unique accessories and parts that make robot move on land or water or both. Ages 8-80
$ 22 on Amazon
#3: OWI Solar Space Fleet
A bit more technical. The Solar Space Fleet Kit MSK641 is an innovative solar powered science kit that can transform into seven different lunar modules and energized via direct sunlight or micro rechargeable battery.
$ 60 on Amazon
#2: OWI Super Solar Recycler
I love this idea because it re-purposes everyday objects into solar gadgets like a soda can, plastic bottle, and CD into cool solar toys.
$ 18 on Amazon
#1: Solarlab 1.0
One of the most advanced solar energy educational kits on the market, it is being used at middle schools, high schools and universities around the US and internationally. Designed to teach students ages 12+ how solar cells work and how they can be used in real electrical circuits that are simple to build.
$ 50 on Amazon

Have we missed anything cool?

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    • solarponics profile image

      Solarponics 2 years ago from CALIFORNIA

      The solar grasshoppers must be popular because several Amazon venders could not deliver on time for Christmas.