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Solar Hydrogen Energy – It’s Time the World Changed To This Energy, the Sooner the Better - 1

Updated on April 19, 2012

I’m starting a series of articles on why the world needs to start adopting an alternative to the existent and polluting carbon containing fuels. The drawbacks of why should we discontinue using carbon containing fuels is known to us, but yet, I believe a little of prodding and continuous noise needs to be made to make people aware of the drawbacks, and initiatives need to be taken to quit using carbon containing fuels. Like any advertisement that needs to be repeated over and over again to remain in ones memory, repeated repetitions of the drawbacks needs to highlighted so that some sense dawns amongst people, amongst governments, amongst corporations, etc. so that something conclusive emerges in favor of our degrading environment and something non-polluting emerges to energize the equipments we use to make our lives comfortable.

The world we live in is getting warmer and warmer, this fact, is known. Well in case you don’t know, it’s specifically due to the use of carbon-containing fuels for energy generation. The damage that is being caused is pretty well known, through the media and through many other sources, but we have done little to curb the crime, but rather have remained participants in furthering the crime. Our knowledge of the damages the pollution is causing has remained just information, and is being treated as any other information like; Obama is the President of the United States of America. It does no difference to one’s life, but remains as just any other information; well you know it, and that’s it.

We have heard of the greenhouse effect, we know that it means earth is getting hotter, we know that as a consequence the seas will rise with the melting of the ice in the polar caps. Does this trigger an alarm in us? Whatever is the consequence, we believe the effects would not happen in our lifetime, so, we are safe. Let the coming generations suffer the consequence, is that the reason we are telling ourselves?

But there are things happening around us, the rains are getting acidic, lands are losing its fertility, plants are dying, lakes and rivers are dying, the acid rain effects have started showing up on the buildings – Taj Mahal,India has started turning yellow from its formerly natural white color.

Environmental pollution is taking a toll on human and animal populations. Diseases not known are making appearances, pollution specific diseases, for instance, asthma, etc. are becoming common place.

Governments are only giving short-term fixes, for instance, making engines conform to some standard of reduced emissions, this does not mean that pollution is totally controlled. It only means that the level of pollution has been bought down by a marginal percentage. Pollution is controlled only when the world stops entirely using carbon containing fuels.

If we consider the carbon containing fuel, for instance, petrol, we know that its composition is molecules made up of carbon and hydrogen elements. But the lesser known fact is that it is the hydrogen element that combines with oxygen during combustion for release of energy. Electricity is produced from the heat energy thus released through various other mechanisms.

Thus though we use electric cars, we should realize that these vehicles too can’t be considered non-polluting unless the electricity it consumes, too comes from some clean source, something other than burning carbon containing fuels.

The carbon element after the combustion gets released as carbon-di-oxide.

Over the years since the first engine was perfected, carbon-di-oxide has been released into the atmosphere. The specific problem carbon-di-oxide does to the atmosphere, is the very same effect glass in a green house does to the interior of a green house; it traps the sun’s heat and keeps it warm.

Hence the continuous build up of carbon-di-oxide over the previous generations and the generations to come would have a damaging effect on temperatures on Earth. Temperatures have already reached a scorching high; the recent summers are clearly indicative of it.

It is time we phase out use of carbon containing fuels and bring in alternatives like solar hydrogen energy. This change needs support of governments, but since governments are again made of individuals, the pressure on them should be through people like us. The more pressure we put on our respective governments, newer cleaner fuel technologies will emerge. The change could be expensive but not impossible, and not that it is impossible to produce the necessary fuel on mass production basis, what is lacking is the sheer will to introduce newer technologies.

A change needs to be done and that too in a gradual manner by taking small steps at a time. The time has come to change the world and make it a better place.


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