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Solar Now

Updated on January 24, 2008

Solar to replace carbon

The earth and inhabitants are no longer sustainable under the present energy system. Never mind politics, and never mind global warming. Just look around you. More cars, More buildings and parking lots, freeways and more people. Waste is everywhere, clogging and causing expensive disease control and cleanup. Plastic bags kill scarce fauna, and flora too, probably.

This places huge demands on everything and everybody. Millions of tons of waste go into the sky and return as rain, which washes back into lakes, streams, and oceans. Fish die. Birds that eat the fish die and insects grow out of control and vector diseases through aquatic and direct animal and human contact. No one dares talk about doing something about the population expolosion. The result is a constant carbon insult to the planet's eco system.

Cancer and new diseases like skin eating bacteria are more common. Pathogens usually dormant are now infecting food supplies. Diseases wipe out herds of cattle, hogs and sheep formerly destined for the dinner table.

So it doesn't matter what it is called, I first heard the term global warming, at university in 1982. The class was entitled, Environmental Administration, by Professsor Caldwell, who predicted everything that would happen to the environment by the year 2000. Sadly, he was all too correct.

In future articles I will explore how countries are gearing up to change dependence from carbon energy systems to renewable and clean energy systems. Solar, wind, geothermal, so called clean burning gas, and even food, such as corn, are considered. There is serious consideration about using grass and soy beans to drive engines even though a professor at Berkley has pointed out it would take all the foilage in the world to replace a year of gasoline usage.

Solar energy is a solution for mass uses of energy. It has gotten much cheaper and attractive as cells are built right into the roof. In some areas excess electricity is sold to the power company. New systems that store energy to be used later are in use. Soon the government in the US will give tax credits similar to drivers of Humvees, to solar users. Other countries like Germany and China are developing solar in a big way.

The notion of burning a food supply is silly, wasteful, and burns as much carbon to develop it as the oil it is supposed to replace. Not to mention the cost of transporting it, pipelines, trucks, and railcars. Cars have to be modified. Distribution points are not yet placed in necessary quantity. The cost of farming, fertilizers, pest control and damage from chemicals to the environment will be staggering. It is a boondoggle, designed to manage and funnel large sums of cash into the hands of a few wealthy and political astute.

There will be answsers because there is no choice. There isn't much time to work on the problems before oil runs out or the planet simply breaks down,once and for all. The sun could provide in a day enough energy to fuel all the needs of mankind for the next 500,000 years. Little has been done in research on solar energy and how to capture it efficiently. Surely there is a way.

Clean Solar to replace oil

This refinery is neither refined nor appealing as its carbon waste products blot out the beauty of creation.
This refinery is neither refined nor appealing as its carbon waste products blot out the beauty of creation.


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    • solarcaptain profile image

      mike king 9 years ago from california


      amigo mio

      I didn't get my blog out but here's the scoop and it's going to burn big oil bad!

      This guy from MIT, a scientist, has come up with a way to solve the problem of nighttime, as in no sun has been major drawback for solar, but he has solved it and it's going to make solar cheap.

      He's figured out that he can capture enough sun through electrolysis(which of course, isn't new except for this application and may be the revolutionary technology everyone has been waiting for. In most, if not all cases, solar will be very competitive, and more so if hooked up to the grid. Now, we can get into promoting solar as a cheaper alternative--but the oil boys and the red neck right aren't going to take it lying down, so watch for dirty tricks, phony stats, like they used with global warming. It is sick what is happening with the oceans and everywhere.I just figured when it got intolerable enough and the natural disasters started getting worse, (like they haven't already), then the people will start making some noise. It may already be too late, look at all the cancers, the future is tenuous for our kids, I remember when the planet was still clean and people still cared. Oh well I could go on. But more later, my friend Oh Oh..hah GM is still claiming the people may not go for energy efficient cars! Ya bring back the queens of the road cause we are just so happy with $4.00 gas--har har-their highly touted VOLT has no means of propulsion (Blush). Well the boys in the front office wanted to wait and see what the public wanted..WE WANT CHEAP TRANSPORTATION..uh get it? And we ain't bailing you out, either! Remember the "k" car? I drove a Toyota, even then.

    • solarshingles profile image

      solarshingles 9 years ago from london

      You are so right about use of endless and free solar power, solarcaptain! Every single hour our planet Earth receives enough solar power to power absolutely all world's power needs! Yet, we rather burn oil, coal, gas and nuclear and rapidly destroy our wonderful planet and most life forms, including a human... And that is not enough. We rather pay record energy prices (read oil, gas) for all that destruction and for the destruction of our basic economy, as well. Oil lobby is ultra greedy Power lobby, which totally control world politics and financial system, including the White House and the Pentagon...

      Solar Power, wind power, geothermal and hydrogen economy is our near future.