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Solar Panel Kits

Updated on July 30, 2009

Solar panel kits come complete with everything needed to utilize the suns energy to power homes, RVs, watercraft, to back-up power. With a choice of 16W to 125W solar panels, and ranging in price from $169 - $450 or more. To increase the amount of energy, it’s often a case of connecting multiple panels together.

Complete solar panel kits come complete with all fixtures and fittings to get a solar panel up and running, including the mounting brackets and screws, all wiring, voltage tester, battery clamps, quick connectors, charge regulator, and the high efficiency polycrystalline solar panels.

Installing a solar panel kit is often a straight-forward project for those with competent do-it-yourself skills, once in place these system are virtually maintenance free. Also ideal in such situations as on a campground with a RV and in need of extra freedom and the ability to switch-offf the often smelly/noisy generator.

Solar power kits are perfect in a multitude of situations, such as on a RV, boat, pumps, charging 12V batteries, and a lot more. Accessories to complement a home energy system can include an amp charge controller to solar panel repair kits, electricity usage monitors, or an AC power inverter.

It helps to know where to buy solar panel kits if looking at the possibilities of using an alternative energy source, and these kits can be located at hardware and DIY stores, to specialist retails either online or a bricks and mortor store.

In addition to the solar panels, there is also the option of installing a self-sufficient wind generator system, relying on wind to generator power to operate electronics and appliances. Built in a lightweight and weatherproof aluminum for ease in installation, and can be equipped with a regulator to switch off automatically once the batteries are fully charged. With blades constructed of a carbon fiber composite material expect low noise levels. However these wind turbines often cost more than the panels.

If looking into DIY solar panels than its possible to create and install a complete system at home, often at a fraction of what it would cost to go the professional route. The first step is to locate a set of quality solar panel plans to give step-by-step instructions on the complete build process. These plans are designed for all to understand, with detailed diagrams and color pictures, often resulting in a fully functional energy system that can be put together for as little as $98 with most of the materials coming from a local hardware store. 


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      7 years ago

      The solar panels kits are great option if you cannot afford the expensive ones. This way all people will have an equal opportunity to use solar power and have its benefits.


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