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Save Money check Solar Roofing Options, Metal ,Tabbed And, Clay Roofing Products

Updated on June 3, 2010

Solar Roofing Options

Most Green People are unaware of some New products that have become available for Solar Roofing.You would never put Solar Panels over a Clay Roof, that can make cracks, and you wount want remove and replace your solar panels after replacing a tar or shingle roof. We no longer have to have the unsightly Solar Panels on our roof or in our back yards, Now we have the option of having solar and a normal looking roof. The first product that we will talk about is THREE TAB Solar Shingles.

The BP 3160 photovoltaic module is designed to provide superior value and performance for residential, commercial and industrial use. With time-tested multi crystalline silicon solar cells, it provides cost-effective power for DC loads or, with an inverter, AC loads. With 72 enhanced-efficiency cells in series, it charges 24V batteries (or multiples of 24V) efficiently in virtually any climate. At 160 watts of nominal maximum power, the BP 3160 is used in utility grid-supplemental systems for residences, commercial buildings, and centralized power generation and in remote systems for applications including telecommunication, pumping and irrigation, cathodic protection, remote villages and homes, and land-based navigation aids.

There are a lot of companys selling products like these tabbed shingels so the price is almost the same as standered tar shingels, althow these can sometimes only last 20 years so on to the next product...

A Metal Roof will last up to 50 years

There are other numerous benefits to having metal roof combined with Solar PV and other renewable energy technologies. When looking at metal roof vs. asphalt shingles, also consider that metal roof will save our land fills from getting more shingles dumped there in 10 years or so. Combined with beautiful looks, you get a permanent roofing solution, various solar technologies, and when paired up with geo-thermal system, you can easily design a 100% energy-free home, with a great curb-appeal.

Now talking about curb-appeal the next product is expensive but well worth the price

"The Solé Power Tile™ integrates with authentic clay roofing systems produced by US Tile, the largest manufacturer of premium sustainable roofing in the United States. US Tile offers the widest array of kiln-fired earthen hues on the market. As a producer of products with inherent recyclability and low-embodied energy, US Tile was Cradle to Cradle™ certified for achievement in environmentally-intelligent design. SRS Energy’s solar upgrade is the ideal complement for this trusted green solution." by

Clay is the way to go!



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