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Solar Street Lights

Updated on November 12, 2015

Solar Powered Street Lamps

The availability to walk in complete light while we stroll the streets of our cities is an ability that is taken for granted because all those alive on the planet today have never known a time when street lights were not available. There was once a time where if travel by night was a necessity someone had to be hired to walk with the patron to light their way and keep miscreants away as well as keep the traveler from falling from not being able to see in the dim moonlight.

The First Street Lamps

Since evening travel was only limited to those who could afford a lighted guide, the practice was done away with upon the invention of the first gas lit street lamp. These street lamps were able to be linked together on a gas line system and lit when needed. Although it was a great invention, it did have its faults. The lights were very hard to maintain and someone still had to light them manually. It was also discovered that gas being flammable was also dangerous and accidents did happen.


With all of the pitfalls of gas lighting, the invention of electricity brought on a new way to light the streets with few hazards. Electric street lamps seemed to be the perfect solution, however as cities have grown to incorporate more and more people there is more of a drain on the city’s ability to offer ample power to the inhabitants. Electric street lamps have given people the ability to move around all night long and there is no longer a need to have someone light each and every light on the street. Most of these lighting systems rely on a timing system or sensor technology that allows the light to turn on automatically, but the power to run these lighting systems takes vital energy that cannot be replaced very easily. Electricity is the standard way of lighting practically everything in our lives, but it is now being pushed aside in favor of something just as powerful, but far more renewable.

If only Thomas Edison Could See Us NOW


Solar Street Lamps

The ability to harness the sun’s rays for electricity has been around for some time, but the lack of ample power from the technology and the politics behind its integration into modern society has kept solar energy largely behind the times. In recent years however significant improvements in the way the energy is stored and used have made solar energy popular with many home owners and now it is finding its way into the lives of everyone by being implemented into society through solar powered street lamps.

People are now turning from power draining energy sources and focusing in on green technology to help the planet as well as keep their hard earned money in their pockets and out of the hands of the utility companies. Cities are now seeing the value in providing more efficient power sources with less drain on the power grid, so solar power is taking off as the leading way to power our lives.

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A real world example of a solar street light

The Integration of Solar Street Lamps

One company has taken solar street lamps and brought them to communities that are truly in need. Reinvent LCD is a company producing solar powered street lamps and changing lives. The Yurok Tribe is located in a remote part of California and has recently acquired 44 of these solar powered street lamps to illuminate the city. The lamps are spaced between 70’ and 80’ throughout the small community and have given the Yurok Tribe the ability to not have to have the day end simply because the sun goes down. The tribe is not plagued with a huge electricity bill from the running of the lamps, so the technology is helping all those within the community live a safer and more productive lifestyle.

Solar street lamps from Reinvent LCD come with a five year warranty and are mounted on 20’ galvanized poles available to be placed in even the most remote region to offer safe and secure travel. Many remote locations are limited in their availability to receive ample power sources and with the amazing power of the solar panels placed on top of the solar lamps there is never a need to set up a complicated power grid system to receive ambient light once the sun goes down. With a mere 4 hours of sunlight the solar lamp can shine for a full 4 days, so the user will never have to hear people complain about the lack of power should the day turn cloudy.

Reinvent LCD hopes to integrate these solar lamps into every city in the world to not only offer an effective lighting solution, but give everyone a greener way to produce the power they desire. Change is coming and it is coming in the form of solar powered street lamps from Reinvent LCD.

Solar Street Lights Being Used

So where do we go from here?

We must understand that as technology advances so will the common things that we over look such as streetlights. It would be interesting to see how other solar panel technology may be used in the future and in various forms in our public transportation, recreation, and businesses.

Solar Panel Efficiency

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