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Solar Pool Heat

Updated on August 25, 2009

Heat your pool with solar pol heat so that you can swim all year round!

Your can swim in your pool winter and summer when you solar pool heat it!
Your can swim in your pool winter and summer when you solar pool heat it!

Solar Pool Heat: You Get to Swim Even When it is Cold Outside!


Solar Pool Heat - even just reading or thinking those words are powerful enough to weave some magic for those of us who absolutely love swimming but, at the same time, absolutely hate cold water!

Are you also a classic frigo-aqua-phobe?

(Frigo-aqua-phobe is my made up word for someone who hates/fears cold water! A frigophobe is someone who fears the cold and an aquaphobe is someone who fears water. Put them together and you get frigo-aqua-phobe!)

Does your heart sink and do you become depressed when the days begin to shorten and leaves turn yellow?

You know what I mean .... Yes, that dreadful time of year is approaching when you reluctantly put away your swim suit because the water in your pool has become too chilly for you to venture into it any longer that season.

But don't despair! There is hope for the likes of us ... thankfully! And what is more, it is both affordable and environmentally friendly. Yes, of course, I'm referring to solar pool heating - that wonderful way to use solar energy which is free of charge and freely available as long as the sun shines and bestows its munificence on us!

Naturally, there are the initial purchase and installation costs to bear, but after that there will be no monthly heating bills arising from solar heating your swimming pool. Plus, solar pool heat systems are easy to install, manage and maintain. 

What is swimming pool solar heating all about then?

The solar pool heat system needs the following components:

  • A pool solar collector which collects and absorbs heat from the sun and transfers it to the pool water which is circulated through it. In its most basic form, it can be a wide flatish black box or similar container into which black PV tubing is closely snaked and the whole is sealed with a clear glass cover and placed in an area that receives the full blast of the sun for the longest time possible during the day. Some also include small reflectors to intensify and concentrate the heat in the solar pool collector.
  • A filter which filters out any dirt from the pool water before it gets pumped through the collector.
  • A pump which circulates the water from the pool through the filter and collector and then back to the pool again.
  • A flow control valve which diverts the pool water to the pool solar collector.

How does this kind of solar pool heater work?

This kind (and there are other types too) functions on the passive solar principle. The passive solar system requires that the pool water moves through the lengths of flexible PV tubing in the colector and, as it does so, absorbs some of the heat in the collector and carries it with it to the pool.

This heat-gathering process is circulatory and continues all day until the water reaches the desired temperature at which time you can manually close the flow valve or, and this is a more practical solution, install an automatic temperature thermometer.

To extend the poosibilities even further, it is imperative to cover your pool with a solar pool cover or blanket when its not in use to prevent heat loss to the colder surrounding air.

Do all of this and you will see that you have created conditions that encourage even the greatest frigo-aqua-phobes among us to dare to dive in winter and revel in the warm pool.

Most home pools will respond to the warm encouragement of solar pool heat.
Most home pools will respond to the warm encouragement of solar pool heat.
The whole family will enjoy your solar heated pool
The whole family will enjoy your solar heated pool

Do you use active or passive solar pool heat for your pool?

Do you use active or passive solar pool heat for your swimming pool?

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Do you solar heat your pool? Share your experiences here.

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