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Solarlink FR600 Eton Emergency Radio

Updated on August 18, 2011


• AM/FM Radio with Digital Tuner
• Receives NOAA Weather Band Channels
• Received NOAA Alerts
• Receives Shortwave Band
• Crank Powered
• Solar Powered
• Battery Powered (3 AAA or 3 AA, not included)
• AC Power Adapter Capable (adapter not included)
• USB Cell Phone Batter Charger (cord not included)
• Water Resistant
• LED Flashlight
• Flashing Beacon
• Emergency Siren
• Alarm Clock (including snooze and sleep timer)
• Headphone jack
• Auxiliary input (for playing MP3 players, etc.)
• Weight: 1.9lbs.
• Dimensions: 7.75"w X 8.5"h X 2.5"d

First the positives of this radio:

The Microlink FR160 and FR360 both have a lot of similar features found on the Solarlink FR600, but the FR600 has a few features not found on either one of the two radios.

AM/FM Radio: Excellent for entertainment and for hearing local updates.

NOAA Weather Band Channels: Up-to-date updates from the officials.

NOAA Alerts: The alerts are received directly to your radio.

Shortwave band: You can hear messages being transmitted by people in the area.

Crank Powered: Easy way to charge your radio without needing batteries (other than the rechargeable ones included).

Solar Powered: The easiest way to charge your radio without needing batteries (other than the rechargeable ones included).

Battery Powered: You have the option of using batteries if you don’t want to crank and the sun is not available.

USB Cell Phone Batter Charger: You can keep your phone charged in case you may need it or to inform your family/friends of your status.

Water Resistant: There’s no need to worry about shock or damage to the radio.

LED Flashlight: Great, bright flashlight to get around.

Flashing Beacon: Great way to be seen if you’re unable to yell loud enough or are caught somewhere in the dark.

Emergency Siren: Great way to be heard if you’re unable to yell.

Alarm Clock: Get up when you need to, snooze a bit if you choose, and have the radio turn itself off if you need noise to help you sleep.

Headphone jack: Listen to music and alerts without bothering anyone.

Auxiliary Input: Charge your MP3 players and keep yourself entertained.

Height & Dimensions: Fairly compact for all of the features it offers.

Now on to the negatives:

AM/FM Radio: You can only listen to the radio, there is no CD player, etc.

NOAA Weather Band Channels: Depending on the area you’re in, the channels may not be available or be clear enough to understand.

NOAA Alerts: Depending on the area you’re in, the messages may not be able to get to your radio or may not be clear enough to understand.

Crank Powered: It uses up a lot of energy.

Solar Powered: The sun is not available 24 hours a day and, if in a disaster type emergency, will not be available for quite a while.

Battery Powered: More to pack and carry, and more trash in landfills.

USB Cell Phone Batter Charger: Does not charge all cell phones.

LED Flashlight: Isn’t bright enough to use for long distances.

Flashing Beacon: Red LED may be unpleasant and the light may not be visible in certain areas.

Emergency Siren: Somewhat unpleasant sound. It may also be hard to hear if there is a lot of noise going on already.

Alarm Clock: Buttons can sometimes be pushed by accident, causing unpleasant wakeup calls (especially for other people).

Auxiliary Input: MP3 player may or may not accept the radio as a power source.

Weight & Dimensions: Not as lightweight as the FR160 or even the FR360. Really bulky.

The price tag for this particular radio reads $85.00 on the Red Cross website. Click here.


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