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Solavei 4G Wireless Service

Updated on January 22, 2013

Solavei Wireless 4G Service

Solavei what? Yea I was like that also when I started my search for a new wireless provider. I started with Big Red, tried the unlimited yellow data carrier, then moved over to the woman on the fast motorcycle with the hot pink color. I was paying and arm and a leg with big red, and paying for down payments on future kids, with that service. Yellow data carrier, had poor data speeds where I live. I used my phone mostly for phone calls and text, but when I did go to use the data on the phone it was painfully slow with the yellow carrier. Not sure how the yellow phone carrier could get away with such slow data speeds where I live! I had the GS3 at the time.

Next I went to the motorcycle pink/magenta. For the price, and the cost of the free phone I was happy, signed a contract, but the price was right at the time, and the data was much faster than yellow, not as fast as big red, but for what I needed the cost savings was worth it.

So, being the type of person that I am, when it comes to saving money, I came across some cheap no frills advertising that was posted on the outside of the local drive thru burger shop. Someone put Solavei and contact me for free sims, advertising by the drive through order machine.

I was like what the heck is Solavei, who would come up with a name like that and it sounds like a scam. I didn't think anything of it. A few days later a friend of mind said they had just switched to Solavei. At that point I needed to figure out what the heck is Solavei, and after my own research and verifying, and checking out the competition, and comparing the service, and price, I made the switch. I am not here to just advertise for anybody. I am all about saving money.

Magenta carrier had the cheapest plan so I thought, but I learned that Solavei, uses the magenta service as a MVNO. Which means it is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator. Just like Boost Mobile uses the yellow carrier. I have a nice lovely beautiful(I know sounds like I am talking about a woman) Nokia Lumia 920. I haven't loved a phone before, but this phone was meant to be mine. I was using the magenta service, then I tried out the then free month promotion that was being offered by Solavei, and just like my research said, the same places that the magenta carrier has coverage, Solavei has the same 4G H+ coverage also. And places where there isn't 4G, then I have 3G, and places where there isn't 3g, I have Edge speed, which means 2G. I travel all over the area where I live, and the cost was almost $30 cheaper than magenta!

Yes it was worth canceling my contract, because the money I am saving every month would pay for the contract in 4-5 months time. If I stayed with magenta, I would have paid 2-3 times as much as I am paying now, so the math just didn't add up to stay with magenta directly. I am not here to ask for you to sign up via me, that be great if you did, don't get me wrong, because Solavei, offers a great referral program. I am doing this because I like to save money. The magenta coverage may or may not be great in your area, but if you have magenta coverage already, and you are a high data, user, and texter, then you would be crazy not to switch to Solavei. It is a flat rate monthly service, and the only extra that you pay every month is just for your local tax rate. Its called where you use your phone tax rate, well that is what I call it. All local state and city governments charge taxes on your bill, so where I live, and where I tell them I use my phone is two different places. :-) I just put my place of use address as my fathers home, since the local tax rate is so dang low where he lives. I am not saying you should do that, but its possible. :-)

Solavei is a great MVNO service. You do need to bring your own unlocked phone, unless you already had a phone on the magenta network, then you can just order a sim card and start using your phone right away. Or order the only phone that Solavei sells.

  • You can port your number, but you have to do it at the time you sign up for the service, you cannot port your number after you sign up
  • A lot of people port their phone number to Google Voice, and get a new Solavei number, that way you can still get text on your original number, and phone calls, basically you can have two numbers on your phone, I do it that way. One number is for friends and family another number is for business, they all ring to my Solavei phone
  • It is a flat rate of $49(plus your local tax rate) monthly
  • Unlimited Everything. Yes, that means text/talk/data
  • No tethering(sorry)
  • No contracts, you are month to month
  • No credit checks
  • You do not have to sign up for their referral program, its optional
  • If you do, mine is just copy and paste that, but again, you don't have to
  • Do check the coverage map on the Solavei website to make sure there is good coverage where you live. No matter how much money you save, if you don't have good coverage at your location, don't switch
  • Do make sure you have a back up phone number if you are porting, it can take 24-48hrs for a port to complete, this is why I signed up for a Google Voice account, that way I still had phone calls coming into my phone, while I waited for the port request to complete
  • You do need a GSM phone. Meaning you can only use phones from the blue carrier, or from the magenta carrier, or any of the millions of unlocked GSM phones that you can purchase online or at your local retailer that sells them
  • All GSM phones are supported, they just need to be unlocked in most cases. No big red phones or yellow provider phones will work, they use a different technology which is not compatible
  • If you want to purchase a phone, Solavei just sells one model. There are tons of places where you can buy good quality uses or new unlocked phones
  • Solavei has a 14 day return policy. Try it out and if you don't like it you can always port back. Porting can be a pain that is why I recommend getting a new number with Solavei, and porting your number to Google Voice, yes you can always port out from Google Voice, they do charge a $3 fee though
  • It will save you money over using magenta directly! What more could you ask for if you are already on the magenta network?!?!!??!
  • Any questions please feel free to contact me, or leave a comment pros and cons.
  • Again, check your coverage area, don't sign up for any carrier where there is poor coverage where you will use it the most. No carrier has 100% coverage, but the price and value that I am getting, I am happy with the service
  • If you have an iPhone on the blue carrier, then you can really save money by switching to Solavei

Again, I am not here to sell you anything, I am here to help you save money. You can visit my Solavei page if you wish, or just search for Solavei yourself and learn all about it. If you already have an unlocked phone, just order yourself a sim, and try the service out before you cancel your current provider, all you have to do is pop in the Solavei sim card.

You may need to adjust your phone settings for data and MMS, but for the majority of phones the settings adjust automatically, but if they don't there is a very helpful community online that is able to assist you. My Nokia Lumia 920 says it wasn't supported, but I new it would work since I used it on the magenta network, and after searching the online forums, I found the settings that worked for me, and plenty of help from Solavei customer service and online also.

Why pay more for being with the magenta network, when you can be on the magenta network, but pay less?!?!?!? Or if you are tired of the high bills from big red and the blue carrier, try out Solavei and save some money.

The latest network enhancement from the magenta carrier means that Solavei customers can use iPhones and other smartphones to access its $49 per month unlimited voice, text and data deal.

The areas that can benefit include Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Central and Southern Arizona, Central Valley California, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York City, Newark, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, South Florida, Tampa and Washington DC. So for you iPhone users.... you will save a lot of money.


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    • JustSimple info profile image

      JustSimple Info 5 years ago from Puget Sound

      Plus, since T mobile is moving towards LTE, Solavei will eventually have LTE also. I use my Lumia 920 on Solavei and it works great.

    • proton66 profile image

      proton66 5 years ago from Southern California

      I like Solavei. Way better than Lightyear because their phone choices were limited you had to give up your phone for a new. Worse, they had refurbished phones. At least with Solavei if you already have a GSM phone you're good.


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