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Solution for Bricked/Dead Android Phone with a Red Triangle sign

Updated on September 26, 2012

What is this trouble?

I hope you are one of those admirers of android phones, who can not see them in problem even for a second. Actually you can not live without your new android phone. It has become now a part of your daily life. So now you are here, got a weird and seeming very serious problem with your phone. After you tried some hands on the settings of your phone or may be unknowingly, Your phone shows nothing after it restarts, but shows a red exclamation mark forever. You are feeling like being killed inside now or may be wondering why did i tried such stupid thing with your own phone,It happens many times that when we r doing something interesting,which our mind wants to reveal, then we just forget about whatsoever the result it may bring. Ha-ha,Don't worry friends,now i m here to help you out of this suddenly arrived trouble. Hope i will rescue you outa it. Just be assured and relax.

How it happened?

This happens when there is something wrong with your android phone's system image file.
The system.img file handles all the access to boot loader of your android phone.If you have flashed with a new system image or recently upgraded your android system, then it may be incompatible with the system you used to use.So the problem has been occurred after flashing some new system image file to your phone. This can happen by flashing in the fast boot mode or sometimes can happen on unstable OS of phone.

I just want my bricked phone back to life (the Solution)

Its as simple as hard you think the problem is. Just remove the battery of phone out of phone for few seconds, insert back.

Now press the lower volume button+power button,system will be started in bios mode.

Select fast boot mode and now connect your phone to PC via data cable/USB cable.

Find a compatible system.img file for your mobile phone on google and download it.

Download your phones recovery flashing files ,from google.

Flash the new system.img and reboot.


Wow ,my phone is alive again .......

Thanks for your support and patience, I will try to solve your problem more easily , if you want to comment and ask furthermore... have a blast with your phone now :)


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    • aykianink profile image

      aykianink 4 years ago

      Hm. BSOD. Scary.

    • sepzo profile image

      sepzo 4 years ago

      not anymore :)

    • profile image

      AN 4 years ago

      Good thing my phone has no removable battery :(

    • profile image

      Zayarmin htike 3 years ago

      I'm from myanmar.

      My phone is ascend p6.

      When I installed firmware to my phone,it is stuck in checking System MOdule

    • profile image

      ganes 3 years ago


      my cell is kaebonn titanium s1 and its fully dead

      its not shwing i single light or anything

    • sepzo profile image

      sepzo 2 years ago

      Sorry Guys, i was kinda away from hubpages.

      So Ganes2 first check if its charged/battery?

      Then if its charged, try pressing lower volume button+power button together for about 40 seconds.

      Until you see lights on screen.

      Then go inside recovery option, you can reset your phone there.

      Other options are you can install new rom inside ur phone , follow how to root your phone instructions from google.

      Hope you can find some clue :)

    • profile image

      dr ayman 2 years ago

      a red triangel appear when entering to recovery mode or download mode


    • sepzo profile image

      sepzo 2 years ago

      Flash the new system.img and reboot.

      You can get the apropriate system.img file of your phone on xda developer site.

      Just flash it with your computer via a data cable in fastboot mode.

    • profile image

      9 months ago

      Thank youuuuuu! You saved me

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