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Sonpre Speaker Review: The Best Travel Speaker for $10

Updated on December 8, 2019
Sonpre capsule speaker (N3 model)
Sonpre capsule speaker (N3 model)

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Sonpre Speaker

After a couple of weeks researching which portable iPhone speaker to buy, I finally reached a definitive conclusion. The Sonpre N3 capsule speaker is the perfect solution to my music needs for several reasons – and it didn’t leave my wallet empty.

Its price tag is extremely reasonable and not many competing compact travel speakers in today’s market come even close to this product’s sound quality. After reviewing the Sonpre speaker’s features, you’ll discover as I did that it’s no doubt the best travel speaker on the go.

1. Price

It’s cheap! For as low as $15 dollars you can pick up one of these little bad boys online or at a big consumer electronics store. If you cannot find a store in your area that carries it, then eBay or Amazon are probably your best alternatives.

The speaker may be cheap in price, but it certainly isn’t cheap in quality in any regard. The audio is crisp, loud, and has enough bass to roll ripples through a glass of water on your desk.

Sonpre designs compact and portable travel speakers.
Sonpre designs compact and portable travel speakers.
Unlocked position for additional bass!
Unlocked position for additional bass!

2. Size

Sonpre mini speakers are very compact and can be compressed into an even smaller shape for when you want to travel with it. You could even fit the speaker in your pocket if you wish.

It plays well when it is compressed, but if you want the full effect of the bass you should expand the device into its extended position. This can be achieved by simply twisting the speaker and it will pop up like an accordion standing upright.

Features like this make it the perfect choice for people who want a portable travel speaker on the go.

SD card slot
SD card slot

3. Design

The look of this speaker is sleek and modern. It feels like quality when you hold it and it has a solid construction that won’t fall apart easily.

Other speakers in this price range are cheap in both their quality and build, but that’s certainly not the case with Sonpre’s design.

If you place a Sonpre speaker in your hand, you can get a good idea of its quality by simply judging from its mass. Though small, the solid weight of the device is a good indicator that it carries superior sound and bass.

4. Compatibility

If you take a closer look at the speaker, it has a lot of compatibility features that make it an excellent to use with many add-on devices. You can connect the speaker to your laptop, MP3 player, iPhone or basically any other type of electronic gizmo that outputs audio.

The Sonpre speaker has a headphone jack, USB connectivity and even an SD slot where you can insert an SD card with your favorite music. It will play your audio files directly off the card without any need for a computer or MP3 player connected! It’s an ideal feature for anyone who wants a highly compatible travel speaker on the go.

Mode/power button and headphone jack
Mode/power button and headphone jack

5. Connectivity

One additional bonus of this feature-rich device is the ability to connect multiple Sonpre speakers together to maximize your sound experience. You will be very satisfied with what you get out just one speaker, but two is even better!

There is no limit to the number of speakers you can link to each other. If your friends each have Sonpre speakers, then it is simple to connect them all when you get together for a road trip or a house party.

All you need are the speakers, the connection cables that come included with each speaker – plus not to mention a similar taste in music.

6. Radio

Okay. Well, there are actually six reasons to buy a Sonpre speaker. I almost forgot to mention another key feature on the device. It even has a built in radio tuner so that you can listen to your favorite radio stations with the speaker on the go!

Is there anything that this thing can’t do?

Sonpre speaker connectivity
Sonpre speaker connectivity
Sound dial and radio tuner
Sound dial and radio tuner

Battery Life

The only flaw with the Sonpre speaker is that the internal battery of the device doesn’t last very long after it has been fully charged. It only lasts about 30-minutes, but it isn’t really such a serious problem that should deter you from buying one.

You can simply keep it plugged into your laptop or electric outlet as you play your music and it will never run out of juice.

Charge/Auxiliary USB slot
Charge/Auxiliary USB slot

Video: Sonpre audio test

Sonpre N3: 5-star travel speaker

5 stars for Sonpre N3 Speaker

Do you own a Sonpre speaker?

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    • wiserworld profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      True! I think the word must be spreading around just how good these speakers are. Really satisfied with mine so far.

    • someonewhoknows profile image


      7 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      I see that Ebay customers are bidding up the price so they must be popular!


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