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Sony Internet TV! Most wanted thing this holiday season?

Updated on December 21, 2010
This is the controller for the new Google TV. Sleek isn't it?
This is the controller for the new Google TV. Sleek isn't it?
The actual TV itself. Sleek isn't it.
The actual TV itself. Sleek isn't it.

The new Sony Internet TV, powered by Google TV is a great step into the future. The new TV is manufactured by Sony and powered by Google. These are two well known and very trusted companies.

Sony is well known for quality products such as TV's, mp3 players, headphones, stereo systems, gaming systems, and other consumer electronics.

Google is the most used search engine in the world, and is also the owner of YouTube. These are two of the most visited websites of all of the web.

Together these two great companies, created a TV that will forever change the way we think of television.

The TV, has the greatest resolution ever seen on a TV before, although the box says 1080p, the picture appears much sharper than that! This is an LCD TV, the latest in TV resolution technologies. This is all from the ingenuity at Sony.

Not only that, but the TV also comes with built in with WiFi connectivity. Software powered by Google uses the WiFi signal to supply internet to your TV! This is something never done before.

The internet that will appear on your new TV is the exact same way it will appear as on your monitor on your desktop or laptop.

The TV also has a wonderful audio. Sony is well known for producing quality audio products, which include Walkmans, headphones and stereo systems. The people at Sony really have a thing for Bass.

Also the TV's sleek design makes it look like something from the future, its simply a screen on a metal stand. Simplicity is the way of the future and Sony knows this!

The Software built is very similar to Google Chrome, another amazing product put out by Google. Google also understands that simplicity is the way to go!

The TV also has 4 HDMI ports, 4 USB 2.0 ports, Composite video input, Component video input, and 1 Ethernet port.

You could update your Facebook status, watch your favorite show, surf the web all on your TV!

This TV is truly loaded with everything you would ever need!

Sony innovated everything into this work of art and topped it off with amazing software powered by Google!

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