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Sony Xperia E review (Specs and Price)

Updated on December 10, 2013

Sony Xperia E review: Sony Xperia E is a low cost smartphone released by the Japanese multinational. Sony is fighting hard for a place at the top of the smartphone´s market, and apparently, one of the tactics found by the multinational headquartered in Japan, involves flooding the market with new models.

The Xperia range has grown quickly, so that today it´s difficult to quote all Xperia models available in the market.

Xperia models include: Arc, Mini, Neo, E, U, P, J, Ray, Go, Ative, etc. – By this time, we are already lost in the middle of so many Xperia smartphones.

But, as I am not here to discuss Sony’s market politics, but rather to analyze the new Sony Xperia E, let´s stick to the point.

Sony Xperia E: Pros and Cons


- Screen with protection against risks, Jelly Bean, Quality of construction


- Poor quality rear camera, lack of front camera, 512 MB of RAM


When we take the Sony Xperia in our hands, we quickly notice its compact dimensions and low weight.

With the dimensions of 113.5 x 61.8 x 11 mm, the Xperia E easily fits in the palm and enters easily into any pocket.

The truth is that many people don´t like “gigantic” smartphones and a big 5-inch screen is not always easy to handle.

Xperia E screen is 3.5 inches and it´s made of scratch-resistant glass. The resolution is 320 by 240 px with 256K colors.

]In terms of design, the Xperia E incorporates elements from other Xperia models such as J and T, which gives it a somehow familiar look.

We can not say that there´s a great innovation in design, since this is clearly not the case.

The rear side of the device has a rubber-like texture and it´s quite comfortable to touch.

Xperia E is only available in: black, white and pink.

If, in general, we can not say that the Xperia E is very elegant or that it has a striking design, it´s also true that the construction quality is undeniable.

In terms of pricing, we can consider that this model has a good quality / price ratio.

Continuing with the Sony Xperia E review, I will now refer to its SPECIFICATIONS:

Sony Xperia E has a 1 GHz A5 cortex processor, Adreno 200 GPU and 512 MB RAM.

Are these top specifications? Of course not. Especially the 512 MB of RAM, which is too “poor” and ends up compromising fluidity.

In terms of internal memory, the Xperia E presents more attractive attributes. The total internal memory is 4G, and there is the possibility of expansion through a microSD card.

The battery is 1530 mAh, which does not supports a long battery life. The real autonomy is approximately what is advertised by the manufacturer: 530 hours on standby and 6 hours and 12 minutes of conversation (2G).


It´s not common to find cameras of unquestionable quality in input range devices and with Sony Xperia E that has not changed.

The equipment has only a rear camera. It´s a 3.15 MP camera and the maximum resolution is 2048 x 1536 px.

The lack of front camera can “move away” people who like video calls.

This is surely one of the major weaknesses of this device: a low quality primary camera and lack of a secondary camera.


The operating system of a smartphone is always one of the most important points to consider.

Sony Xperia E comes with Android Jelly Bean, which is certainly an advantage.

We have yet to highlight the Sony WALKMAN application. Who likes to listen to music and already had a Sony mobile phone in the past, will be surely pleased with this offer.

Sony Xperia E review - VERDICT

To finish this Sony Xperia E review let´s advance to the VERDICT:

Sony Xperia E arouses mixed feelings, which makes it difficult to draw a completely objective verdict.

If on one hand we have the quality of construction and the aesthetic attributes that are the Sony´s hallmark, on the other we find clear limitations in terms of hardware.

The 512 MB of RAM, the lack of front camera and “poor” rear camera – are factors that leave us with a feeling of dissatisfaction.

So, perhaps the best option is trying to save a few bucks and then purchase a more complete and balanced smartphone.

Sony Xperia E Price:

The prices vary from $129 to $179.

What do you think about this Sony Xperia E review?


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