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Sony S2 Sports Walkman MP3 Review

Updated on September 23, 2010

Sony S2 Walkman MP3 Review

Sony Sport Walkmans have been a part of daily exercise routines sine the mid 1980's. They have evolved through the years and seem to improve with each model much akin to the Apple iPods. Activities such as running and power walking is more enjoyable with music and features like play lists allows for concentration on your exercise instead of fumbling to find the perfect song.

I am a jogger and I have searched for the perfect music player for years. I have owned Sony Sport Walkmans and have appreciated their versatility most of all. I wanted the ability to listen to the radio if I want as well as to cassettes, CDs or MP3s. The S2 series have topped them all with their tiny size (.6" x 3.8" x .6") and their beautifully sleek cylindrical shape. Since I work out before daylight the

The Electroluminescence display is great. I remember trying to glance at my settings as I passed under a street light. The display is also able to change orientation so it is easily read from the right or the left.

Price wise - Sony does fall on the higher end. But as you will read here the features add value and many sports enthusiast find the price within an acceptable range. BizRate,com retailers show prices for the 2GB model ranging from $114.00 to $128.00 and $97.00 to $119.00 for the 1GB model.

Sony S2 Sports Walkman - photo from


The Sony Sports Walkman NW-S203F is the 1GB model and holds over 650 songs in storage. The Sony Sports Walkman NW-S205F is the 2GB model and stores up to 1350 songs. The supported WMA and AAC audio files (among other) are familiar to those that store music ripped from personal CDs on their computers. Those songs can be transferred to this Sony MP3 player and could save some serious dollars. Sony's SonicStage is much like iTunes for iPods. It is a music file that transfers the music to the player. In the past SonicStage has not had great reviews but his new improved version is reported to be much faster and easier to use.

The built in FM radio tuner is definitely another plus. Both local music and some TV channels can be picked up by the FM Tuner. What ever music or programming you prefer the (up to) 18 hour charge should get you through. If you find yourself running low on power - for the player that is - a quick 3 minute charge could get you back to approximately 3 hours of play time. The batter is lithium-ion and charges through the built in USB port.

The weight is always important and if you had any concerns its 0.9 oz should lay them to rest. Even with its durable-water resistant metal casing and included arm band this player is so light that you hardly know that it is there. User reviews confirm that the arm band is comfortable, substantial and is an appreciated addition to the overall package. Even the included earphones are reportedly better than most with their better than usual sound quality. Other headphones can be used if you prefer. Personally I think that Bluetooth would boost the appeal substantially.

Menus for the sports minded include a calorie counter, a pedometer, a stop watch and help with your pace. The stop watch can be set to know how long you plan to workout so that it will stop when you are ready to stop within a second for up to ten hours. If you are the competitive type you can track your last seven workouts. If that is not enough then the G-Sensor may get your attention. The G-Sensor actually determines the songs played by this player by reading your speed and pace. If you want to change them up however - just shake the player 3 times. Shake another 3 times and go back to the previous play list. Do you remember what that would do to the CD version of the Sony Sports Walkman?

Overall the Sony S2 series MP3 players are very cool and the features are far beyond what might be expected in such a small and sleek package. Users seem to be happy with their purchases and reviewers have to look hard to find anything negative. The two features that I miss is the ability to use Bluetooth headphones and I'd like to see the ability to track your workout information on the computer.



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    • nikitha p profile image

      nikitha p 7 years ago from India

      nice hub

    • save my system profile image

      save my system 7 years ago from United Kingdom - London

      Now every one goes for Ipod but Sony still manages to keep craze of walkman. And all its credit goes to high and super sonic music quality. It comes in variety of different and compact sizes so that you can enjoy music any where you go.

    • profile image

      Ed hardy 7 years ago

      like your post very is a good choice.

    • profile image

      ink 10 years ago

      Thanks for the review. Really like the sound of this. Their ought to be a sports iPod with a radio, bluetooth, and heart monitor, etc.

    • profile image

      Mohit Kansal 10 years ago

      This player is absolutely fantastic. I have been using it for the past 1 month and it is really good. The headphones are by the far the best supplied with any MP3 player in the world. The player itself looks quite good and the sports features are really cool. An ofcourse FM tuner is an good thing to have too. WEll ofcourse you can have all the features that this player provides with an IPOD too... here's a comparision;

      Sony Sports S2 walkman NW-S205 2GB - for 120$ you get the whole package

      IPOD Nano - 150$ for 2GB + 20$ for armband + Nike Shoes 150$ + wireless attachment for the shoes and the IPOD 50$ = 370$ ... wow and ofcourse you'll have to buy new headphones to get anywhere near the sound quality of the sony headphones.

      The onnly thing I dont like is the Sonic software supplied with the player... not user friendly... the not so computer savvy ppl might face some problems.