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Soon commercial and military aircraft three-dimensional printing technology

Updated on July 16, 2016

Prime expects innovation cell in Airbus, Peter Sander, that the sale of commercial and military aircraft begin by the year 2050, their parts are fully manufactured depending on the printing technique trilateral dimension.

He added that by 2016, will become some brake components in the plane made by the tripartite technical dimensions, absolutely essential so that will be a standard current pieces thing of the past.

The most surprising is the new aircraft called the name of the model of LEAP engine was manufactured in partnership between the leader in the manufacture of aircraft components EG company and the French company Snecma.

This engine and contains a lot of features, most notably in charge of the matter on the fuel burned where it was made triple dimension technology, D3 and components based on a more solid material, and within those raw materials: nickel, aluminum, steel and iron.


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