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Updated on July 9, 2011

Google offers a wide range of searches. You can search anything through Google. You can search music, movies, books, videos, several .doc files, definitions, news etc. Moreover, you can do maths or converts form one unit to another unit. Do all the people know these techniques? I think most of the people don't know the techniques to search them easily. To search these types of specific topics, you must have to know some techniques. So, it's mandatory to make yourself as a professional searcher through Google. But I think that days are gone. You have another type of option. And that option is the SOOPLE. It offers you all these types of searches which Google provides. But the great thing is that you don't need to know the specific techniques to search through Soople. This page contains information about Soople.

Soople is actually an easy expert search engine. The word "Soople" is an early English dialect. Soople means 'to soften, make supple'. This site is meant for all those who are not yet familiar with all the possibilities of Google and all the required syntax to search through Google. Really, Soople is the most efficient search engine to new users or the users who has little experience to search about the advanced search techniques of Google. Soople has a very simplified and attractive graphical interface. It groups several types of search categories.

When you type in your browser's address bar and hit Enter key, you will see the homepage of soople. Here, you will see there parts:

  • Main Page
  • Calculator
  • Translate

All of them are used for specific purposes. Google offers all of them but here all things are arranged graphically.

Soople's Main Page

Soople's main page offers various types of search. Some of them are:

  • Google search box: It's the normal Google search box.
  • Music search box: You can put any music or name of the band or name of the artist and search it from here.
  • Movies search box: Write a movie name and search it.
  • Search book box: You may also type the name of the book and search that book easily.
  • Video search box: Search the video by using this box.
  • Multiple sties search box: By using this search box, you can search through multiple no sites at once.
  • Filter search box: You can filter your search according to word or powerpoint etc.
  • Image serach box: Search image by using this search box.
  • Definitions search box: Use it to search the definitions of anything.

And many more search options are included like smart calculator, phonebook, sites which are linking to any sites etc.

Soople's Calculator

Soople's calculator is an important part of soople. This page offers several types of functions. Some of them are the followings:

  • Smart calculator box: This is a smart calculate which can convert many measures/units.
  • Quick unit converter box: By using it you can easily convert any value from one unit to other unit.
  • Add, subtract, divide & multiply box: From here you can easily add, divide , subtract or multiply easily.

Moreover, there are many other options are available. For example, by using Soople you can easily calculate percentage, root, log, ln etc.

Soople's Translate

By using it you can easily translate from one language to another language. Moreover, you can translate the entire website from one language to another language.

© Written by rancidTaste


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    • profile image

      hoda 2 years ago

      I like search by soople web

    • profile image

      ericka 3 years ago

      Necesito el link u pagina de soople para descargar unos documentos por favor ayudenme con eso...

    • profile image

      bhanu 3 years ago

      I like search by soople web its very easy to find the things

    • rancidTaste profile image

      rancidTaste 8 years ago

      Thanks Hauntry, for your comments. Soople is really a great search engine.

    • Haunty profile image

      Haunty 8 years ago from Hungary

      This is crazy! The image results are far better than in google. Thanks so much!

    • Haunty profile image

      Haunty 8 years ago from Hungary

      I've never heard about this, thanks. I'll check it out rightaway. You know, while I can't go with your taste, your knowledge is truly impressive. :)