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Spam: Avoid Harassing Your Potential Customers with Annoying Repetitive Ads

Updated on October 20, 2015

We're All Aware of a Full Inbox


Spam is Hot or Cold

So, like I said, Spam is a product that is sold by the Hormel company in Minnesota. But, Spam, the online marketing advertisements that pop up, the repetitive advertisements or plugs for a product, or the emails that you receive on a constant basis that are for products that you didn't request, those are spam.

Spam is punishable by having your internet service shut off. If you are reported as being a spammer, your internet company will refuse to sell you internet service.

Spam is bad.

Cold Advertising is Like Cold Calls

You usually start with a list of email addresses. Cold calls start with a phone book. The internet is worse, since you used to be able to email thousands of email addresses with your 'opportunity'.

Not so the case today. If you email more than one email account with the same exact message, for something that you are selling, that is spam.

If you have a automatic vacation reminder with a link or advertising, that responds to emails that you receive with an automated message and a signature with a plug, that's spam.

Spam is bad.

Email Requires Double Opt-In

If you are corresponding with someone, both of you have to be okay with the correspondence transaction. Permissions have to be granted.

This is double opt-in.

How About You

Are you inundated by Spam in your emails or on your webpages?

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Hormel Spam

Spam or Phishing


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