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Speedy PC Pro - Do Not Put Up with a Slow Computer

Updated on April 11, 2012

Speedy PC Pro Comes to the Rescue

Do you have to wait a lot until all programs load when you boot your computer?

Is your web browsing slower than every before?

Do you have to wait for the loading of files even from your own folders?

Is your computer freezing and crashing all the time?

These problems are extremely common due to the way in which computers work and due to the way in which we use them. However, this does not mean that you should just ignore them. Speedy PC Pro may be the answer to all your worries.

How to Get the Most Out of Speedy PC Pro

Speedy PC Pro is not simply antivirus software or hard disk defragmenting program. It has all of the tools that you need to keep your computer clean and healthy. This will automatically result in improved operations and fast speed. You may want to think of the software as a magic medicine back. It has a cure for every illness, sort to speak. You can be certain that the cure works quickly and effectively.

The software will do everything for you. It will clean and repair your computer registry. It will remove any malware that causes speed and other problems. It will do the necessary de-cluttering work that you otherwise have to perform manually. It will make computer startup and internet browsing much faster.

You will get rid of all things that cause your PC to freeze. Your privacy will be much better protected. You will get excellent backup. Basically, you will enjoy the full package. It is nice to know that you have comprehensive software to help you use your computer optimally at all times.

How to Increase your PC Speed

The computer slowdown affects your work and your entertainment and this naturally causes frustration. You certainly want to a solution right away that can instantly increase your PC speed. This is perfectly possible, all you need to do download Speedy PC Pro from any of the links or the images on this lens .

The Really Great Thing About Speedy PC Pro is that it Does All the Work for You.

The graphics are very nicely done. They show you the real picture and things are easy to understand for all of us who are not tech savvy.

Once the software has found the problem, you just need to push a button to have it fixed. You do not have to click the "next" button for ages which is common with other computer repair programs.

What does a typical Speed PC Pro review say?

Virtually every user is happy with the fact that the speed of their computer picks up quite quickly after the use of the repair and maintenance system.

All the problems go away and they do not reappear. The software is easy to use irrespective of your level of technical knowledge and skill.

It works to keep your PC running at an optimal speed in the long term due to the regular updates and upgrades.

What's Slowing Down My Computer? Identifying the Causes for Effective Solution

Sometimes you think that your computer has a bad day just like we all do. You just put up with the slow speed hoping that things will be better next morning and they are for a little while. Then things get back to the way they were. At this point, every person will ask with frustration: What is slowing down my computer?

  1. Normal Operations

    Many people are surprised to learn that their computer's optimal performance is actually to blame for the slowdown, at least partially. Your PC is designed to keep all kinds of files that come with an application. Every time an operation takes place, the computer keeps track of it and records it. The same is true when you use all kinds of programs including your folders and your internet browser.

    This is done in order to ensure that the right file is easily found and picked when you need to use it. However, over time, the system of files gets too large and your computer becomes slow at finding what you need. The good news is that you can do the necessary cleaning up and file management to keep things in order and to increase the speed of your PC with Speedy PC Pro.

  2. System Issues

    What is slowing down my computer? Your operating system is designed to withstand all kinds of attacks and to work optimally even when the number of programs and files becomes quite large. However, it is not fully protected from problems. Your Windows Registry may have errors in it. It may have corrupted parts. Such issues are not uncommon. They are not serious most of the time, but it is worth having them fixed so that you can enjoy optimal performance.

  3. Malware

    Viruses, worms and Trojans all work in different ways to affect the performance and health of your computer. There is also spyware designed to monitor your activity for marketing purposes. Needless to say, there are more complex malware program designed to retrieve personal data from your computer. Such software can be used for identity theft. You may end up losing money as well as suffering from computer slow down.

    Some may say that it is impossible for malware to affect their computers because they have reliable antivirus software installed. You have to ask yourself whether this is really the case, however. Even the best antivirus software programs cannot giver you 100 per cent protection from the latest malware simply because new viruses, key loggers and other threats appear constantly. Besides, some types of malware are specifically designed to disable the protective system installed on your PC.

    What is slowing down my computer? Now you know. You also know that Speedy PC Pro can fix all problems causing the slowdown.

  1. Malware Removal

    The malware on your PC poses the greatest threat to the machine's operation and to your personal information. That is why it has to be dealt with first. What you need to do is to use Speedy PC Pro to scan your entire system for viruses, worms, Trojans, key loggers and other kinds of malware. All corrupted files will be identified and removed from your system automatically.

  2. Fixing System Errors and Corrupted Parts

    This can be also done automatically with Speedy PC Pro. The software scans the entire system for errors and corrupted parts and performs the required repair work automatically. Generally, unless you are extremely well versed with computers, you will not be able to clean and repair the Windows registry without the help of specifically designed software.

    This particular program does a very good job as it inspects and repairs a comprehensive range of dynamic link libraries (DLLs) entries, paths and extensions. The tool will work on ActiveX, shared DLLs, and startup and uninstall entries, application paths and shell extensions and file path references. These are just the main items it will scan and repair, if needed. You can expect the repairs to increase PC speed considerably. You should stop getting error messages.

  3. Cleaning Up

    There are two major tasks that need to be completed for successful de-cluttering and increase of PC speed - removal of saved but useless files and cleaning up of temporary internet files and browser helper objects such as plug-ins and add-ons. These tasks do sound complicated, don't they? Indeed, you will need the help of a pro. This could be Speedy PC Pro. It will scan all parts of your computer where stored files may cause clutter and remove the ones that you do not need.

  4. Memory Optimization

    Cleaning up will do a good job. This is how to increase PC speed. However, you would want to keep the optimal performance in the long term. This is what memory optimization is necessary for. The best way to put everything in the memory in good order is to defragment it. You can do this manually, but you will get things done much more easily and quickly with the help of the right software.

  5. Program and Resource Management

    If too many programs are running in the background without you using them, they just use up system resources. Consequently, they slow down the operation of the entire machine. You can readily manage the programs running with the help of Speedy PC Pro.

Make Your PC Faster - Get Super Fast Performance Easily and Quickly

You can make your PC faster performing most of the tasks manually. These include the de-cluttering, the memory optimization, the Windows registry repair and the program management. You can use any antivirus software to get rid of malware that is slowing down your computer. However, these tasks are not simple and it will take time and effort to get the work done. Besides, there is no guarantee that you will do the job well and get the desired results.

The advantages of using Speedy PC Pro for making your PC faster are obvious. It performs all tasks effectively. You do not need a number of different software programs to do the job. It is fast. It is reliable. You do nothing but pressing a few buttons. There is not need to follow a wizard and to make important decisions based on information that you do not understand.

Let's take a look at how Speedy PC Pr works to make your PC faster so that you can see these benefits for yourself:

  • Scanning -

    This is the primary task the software performs so that any problems can be identified. It scans every part of your computer that may have errors, clutter and/or corrupt files that may be causing the slowdown. All this is done for you automatically. You need to press a single button.

  • Result Display -

    You get all of the results of the scan displayed in a graphic manner. It is super easy to find your way around. You get results for each class of problems such as malware and system errors. You will see the precise number of problems. There is a graphic in green, yellow, orange and red measuring the damage level.

  • Problem Solving -

    You just need to press the "Fix All" button and all the problems will be automatically fixed for you. Of course, you can choose to use each one of the tools individually. Generally, both average users and tech savvy ones will be able to make the most out of the software. When everything is in order, you will see a sign telling you your computer is finally in good shape.

Speedy PC Pro is what will make your PC faster. It has additional benefits as well. The software works to protect your privacy by removing traces of private and confidential information. It keeps only the latest and most valuable restore points and deletes the rest for faster performance. The software helps you open all kinds of file extensions.

Speedy PC Pro Q&A - All You Want to Know and More

Every savvy customer has questions and requires answers to make a well-informed decision. This Speedy PC Pro Q&A will give you all the information that you need plus extra details that will be of great use to you.

What are the system requirements for Speedy PC Pro?

The software is compatible with Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. It works with Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit and with Windows XP 32-bit operating system. You need 20 MB free hard disk space for the program. To download the software, you have to have Internet Explorer 6.0 or above and an internet connection.

What are the main functions of the software?

Speedy PC Pro:

  • Removes malware
  • Cleans and repairs the Windows registry
  • De-clutters your computer - removes unnecessary program and document files, add-ons, plug-ins and temporary internet files
  • Defragments the memory
  • Helps you manage programs - you can choose which programs to run while the software stops the running of unnecessary processes and the use of unnecessary resources automatically
  • Manages restore points automatically

Are there additional functions?

  • Privacy protection - this is done through deleting privacy files which may make sensitive personal data vulnerable
  • Help with opening files - the software recognized unknown file extensions and finds the right programs for opening the respective files.

What kind of results can you expect when using Speedy PC Pro?

Your computer and all of the programs installed on it will work faster. You can expect your PC to boot up more quickly. Programs will open more easily and all graphics will take less time to load. You will enjoy higher-speed internet browsing.

Will the product continue to perform in the long term?

Yes, it will. Speedy PC Pro is constantly updated so that you can protect you from the latest malware threats and computer system problems. As a user of the software, you will receive updates directly and for free. These are developed by the professional team of programmers standing behind the products.

Is there support available?

Yes, online and telephone customer support is available. You can use the readily provided information. You can contact the software specialist by filling an online form. You can also call the customer support telephone number.

Speedy PC Pro does a great job in helping you increase the speed of your computer. You will find it easy and simple to use. You can expect excellent results in the short term and in the long term.

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