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Updated on January 12, 2016

Microsoft Office 365 - security, capability and reliability

Some of the leading world-class companies are now using an opportunity to increase their productivity, save costs and give their employees super convenience that effectively saves time. The Office 365 now integrates seamlessly not only with Microsoft but also its various programs. If you are looking at first-class business solutions in IT, Office 365 is something your business just cannot do without.

No matter what the size of business, employees can only be productive when technology they use is simple and effective. The basic idea is that when you keep things simple, you increase productivity. This is because the Office 365 is a breakthrough in the way offices communicate. You now experience greater flexibility in communications as you can sign into accounts even from multiple devices. This allows your managers the access to contacts, email, calendar, documents, etc., virtually from anywhere 24/7 on the go and on any of the devices they use like desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. With Office 365 you can keep using your latest desktop version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Access and also through live apps once you are connected to the web no matter what the device. The SharePoint Online which is a part of Office 365, allows documents to be live at Microsoft’s globally distributed Billion dollar data centers commonly referred to as Cloud. Regardless of the geographical location, a chosen user can view the document when given security permissions.

You no longer need to attach your files but rather just send a link of the file and the Outlook Web App of Office 365 automatically grants permission to the person you are emailing, but you may change their permissions should you feel like. DocuSign, a free electronic signature app is available at your service through Outlook so that you can easily electronically sign and gather other signatures if needed before emailing your documents

But this isn’t all, if your document needs editing, Office 365 makes it possible for someone to edit it while you see the immediate changes being made and instantly know who is editing it.

The Office 365 comes with all layers of security and compliance and with a financially-backed service level agreement, your business can be confident that it has chosen the best in cloud solution. This financially backed service agreement also provides some of the latest features like geo-redundancy, disaster recovery, robust security, 99.9% percent uptime, and dependable privacy controls and standards.

Microsoft Lync Online allows you (IM) Instant Messaging, Video Calls, or conduct online meetings within no time and that too within the office Applications already used by you. Lync Online, the communications service component of Office 365 also allows users to transfer files during IM conversations. Online meetings are just a click away as Lync Online supports audio, video and web conferencing with the flexibility of data sharing, document sharing and whiteboard capability.

If your business has different geographical locations, data across these becomes important to analyse. Office 365 puts a cool new feature for Excel called the Power Map which converts rows of data into images on a 3D map. This is a fantastic feature for business meetings and makes your efforts easier by presenting data in a 3D map allowing viewers to get a better idea of any data. Quick Analysis, another new feature added to Excel lets you format data into charts, tables, tables, graphs, etc., to give a cool presentation.

There is almost anything and everything you can do with your Microsoft Office 365 and enhance your productivity, boost employee morale and more importantly get a sharp competitive edge.


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