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Spokeo - How to Protect Your Privacy Online

Updated on May 27, 2011

It's no news that you, the people, want to protect your identity online. Whether it be downloading an online security software that can protect you or just not putting up personal information at all. But when it comes to certain sites, you have to put a little trust in them in order for you to work on that site. The other day while I was on Facebook, a friend of mine had approached me and warned me about a site that she had stumble upon and that site is called Spokeo.

I don't know if some of you know about Spokeo, but I want to let you know about it to those who don't know at all. Spokeo gathers your information about you, your martial status, your family, where you live, who you live with and your financial state. What's worse is that the site also has a 'real-time' map of where you currently live. And this is for people who just want to look at where that person lives. If you want to get more information out of a person, you would have to pay them and they will provide you with that info as well. Now I don't know about that because I will never pay them to invade someone else privacy. This goes financially as well. They will break it down as to how much you make and how much you pay your rent/mortgage.

i don't about some but as a father of three young children, I don't like that fact of a site that not only has your family and financial background, but also has a 'real-time' map of your neighborhood as if you were being watched? I don't know how to go about having to deleted my information but everyone and anyone who is reading this article, if you know how to please feel free to share it with the rest so we could at least have some type of privacy. I know that their might be other sites doing the same, but let's try to take these sites down one by one because identity protection is important to us all.


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