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Sprint HTC EVO Shift 4G Android Phone Review

Updated on February 5, 2012
Sprint HTC EVO Shift 4G
Sprint HTC EVO Shift 4G
Dusk after the storm.
Dusk after the storm.

An honest review for the HTC EVO Shift 4G cellphone

The Sprint HTC EVO Shift 4G is a really nice Android phone. I have owned this phone for a year. I really like the full Qwerty keyboard, it lights up and is very comfortable to type on, and the keys are adequately spaced with a good layout. I am not one for using just a touch screen phone. I have owned many phones in the past, and this is my first Android phone, so it did take some time to get used to. I absolutely love the camera and the camcorder on the EVO Shift. The pictures are clear and crisp, with a lot of background details. All the pictures I take for my hubs are taken with my EVO Shift phone.

The colors are vibrant and look great. I have also taken many videos with the phone, and they always come out fine. There is no real distortion of movement.

The voice quality on the EVO is very good as well, only on a few occasions someone will say I am muffled, and it is usually because of the way I'm holding the phone. There is a headphone jack which I use all the time to listen to music and watch Youtube, especially at my job, as the sound of my phone can echo in the building.

I am also quite fond of the GPS Navigation system. I am not one for travel and I am bad with directions. This past summer I found myself in need of the GPS Navigation system, as I had to travel to 3 different locations out of state. I reached all the locations with no problems. As a matter of fact I was in Vermont after the big storm, and there were detours everywhere. I was coming from NY, and needed to get to Rutland VT. The GPS Navigation got me through all the detours and I did not get lost once. Even if you miss a turn, you will be re-routed. Also I did not lose reception going through the mountains , and only once in a really dead area. When you get reception back, it will tell you so, and you can feel at ease.

Okay now onto one of the most important reasons for my getting the HTC EVO SHIFT 4G, is my job. I am a cook and overnight aid in an independent home for senior citizens. You might say I live at my job on the weekends, and there is no internet service for me to use, so I need to rely on my phone or I would be really bored. I can tell you I spend plenty of time on my phones internet, which has the 3G &4G network. It is fast and I can look at anything I want. I spend time on facebook, as well as watching youtube. I can even do my pay sites. I also have music downloaded, as well as games , and I never have problems with the games freezing or running slow. Of course I have to pay extra for the data plan. It gets better! The EVO SHIFT also offers Wi-Fi, which I just added onto my plan, which means I can Wi-Fi connections with my laptop and my notebook. So far it is working out good. I am connected to the internet wherever I go. I do have to mention the fact that Sprint is the best wireless provider, because I work in a building that has horrible cellphone service, and that includes Verizon with their more bars service, or whatever they call it. I never have to stand next to a window or go outside to talk on my phone.

I do have to say the battery life is not that great, and I always carry my phone charger, as well as having a car charger, though this is not really to bad, as pretty much anyone that has these types of phones have the same problem with the battery. You have to remember all the programs and apps that are running in the background draining the battery. You can go into settings and do different things that will help save on draining the battery, or if you don't use the phone much, just turn it off. The only other thing is every once in awhile the phone will freeze up, and I have to take the battery out, but again this happens with any type of phone, as they are all high tech and nothing is perfect. Anyone that says they have no problems with their phone is lying.


**Android 2.3 operating system

** Display 3.6 "800 x 480 capacitive WVGA

** Talk time, up to 6 hours continuous talk time

** Battery, Lithium-ion 1500 mah

** Dimensions 4.6"x2.3"x0.6"

Key Features:

** Full QWERTY keyboard

** 3G & 4G

**Wi-Fi enabled

** Camera & camcorder which is a 5.megapixle. High quality video with flash & zoom. Includes a bunch of setting. Sliding controls for contrast, brightness, sharpness, saturation, sliding zoom control, and several other effects.

** GPS Navigation, with a 3.6-inch display

** Surf the web with 3G/4G speed

** Apps & Social networking, with Android market access over 100,000 apps.

**Mobile Hotspot

** Bluetooth enabled

** TTY compatible

** Linked Contacts, connects you to your contacts linking to Facebook, outlook & Google

** Email & Text messaging

** Sprint Zone : You can access your account, sprint tv, GPS navigation, NBA mobile,NASCAR Sprint Cup mobile.

Apps that come with HTC EVO Shift

*Gmail *Google Search

*Ytube *facebook

*flashlight *car panel

*Maps *Navigation

*FM radio *Music Ringtone

*sprint music * Adobe Reader

*Peep * Quick office

* Twitter

Now about all these apps that come with the phone, I have tried to uninstall the ones I did not want, but the phone won't let me. Like I really don't need Nascar ,NBA, Twitter,etc. I can however uninstall any apps that I downloaded. Which I have done many times. Another thing is, it's not really good to have a ton of apps on the phone as it slows the phone down, and it makes the main screen load slow. I treat my EVO phone as if it was a computer, at least once a month I try to clean it out so that it runs and loads faster. I also turn it off and give it a chance to rest and re-boot. I made a good choice with The HTC EVO Shift 4G. I would recommend this phone to anyone. I usually love to upgrade my phones, but this time I'm sticking with the EVO Shift.


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      6 years ago

      The Sprint HTC EVO Shift 4G sounds really great! I’m with Sprint and I’m looking to upgrade my phone; I’ve heard a ton of wonderful things about the EVO Shift so am glad to have come across your blog. Whether it’s through the DISH Remote Access app or the YouTube app, I watch videos on my phone almost constantly so a large screen like this one is perfect. The high resolution will provide a great viewing experience as well. I just hope it’s comparable to the quality I get on my HDTV with HD programming from my employer, DISH. I guess I’ll find out when I check it out in the Sprint store later today!


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