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10 Different Types of Spycam Gadgets

Updated on March 27, 2013

Did you ever want to be a spy when you were a kid? Well, there are all kinds of high-tech gadgets you can buy if you still want to play spy games. Of course, there are practical applications as well. You can use a hidden nanny camera to check up on the nanny, for example. But one of the best reasons to buy cool spy camera gadgets is just because they're fun to play with!

Here is some information on several different types of spy camera gadgets you can buy. Whether you have a real use for them or not, you have to admit that owning one of these spy cameras would be very cool.

Spy Pens

Spy pens have a tiny digital camera built into them. The camera lens is just above the clip and the button to take a picture is at the top. The pen comes apart to reveal a USB plug. All you have to do is plug the pen into the USB port on your computer to upload the pictures.

Button Spy Cameras

A button spy camera takes the place of a button on your shirt. If you use one of these, you'd better make sure the other buttons match, though, or someone might notice. Fortunately, most of these cameras come with extra buttons so you can remove the original buttons from your shirt and replace them with the buttons that match your button spy camera.

Other Spy Camera Gadgets

There are many other types of spy camera gadgets available as well.  One that is very popular is the watch spy camera.  Watches are so common that most people don't even give them a second look, so a watch makes a good place to hide a spy camera.

Other places you might find a spy camera are in a pager, light bulb or pair of sunglasses.  Some items are better for concealing a camera than others.  For example, most of the sunglasses spy cameras don't really look like normal sunglasses.

Spy cameras can also be built into items such as doorknobs, key chains and alarm clocks.  There is even a mini air purifier with a built-in spy camera.  No matter what you are using your spy camera for, there is a style available that will work for you.


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    • tristam15 profile image

      tristam15 7 years ago

      Wow all the spy cam gadgets are really superb and also excellent and it's so useful.

    • MirandaJohansen profile image

      MirandaJohansen 7 years ago

      Great hub! This technology is insane :)

    • profile image

      dracaslair 7 years ago

      good hub.this is usefull.