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Spyware blockers | removers

Updated on June 27, 2013

Spyware blockers can be defined as antispyware programs designed not only to detect and remove any spyware and malware found on your computer, but also block their access to your PC. As we know there are antivirus applications programmed to scan and remove any viruses found in your system. As the digital world progresses, viruses have become more and more complex and diverse in their nature. There are parasites and addware applications which might seem harmless, but could still corrupt your system.

If you frequently download free software programs, they might be carrying something more than you have expected. For example, additional ads that keep popping on your screen every 5 minutes. They might not be harmful or damaging your system files, but they do not bring any benefit too, except for playing on your nerves and using your hard disk and RAM resources.
On the other hand, spyware programs which are created by hackers, are already a big threat to an ordinary PC user. They could be implemented in a webpage source code and once you open it, the program could already be executed and installed on your system without even knowing it. They could also be distributed in emails as attachments or implemented in some ordinary looking programs, for instance smiley software. Once a spyware enters your system, it masquerades as a system file and may hide deep within your system root. An antivirus program could bypass the spyware on a daily scan schedule and once that happens – you are in serious trouble.
First, it will start collecting your sensitive data and distributing it to a hacker via internet. It could also use your PC as a server and distribute itself to further email addresses or attack other computers. And finally – it could seriously damage your system files, making them irreparable.

Spyware doctor - No 1 in spyware blockers

Like I told, one Antivirus program may not be enough and I recommend installing some powerful free or charged anti spyware software program – one which identifies, removes or even blocks any malicious programs attempting to hijack your computer. I would recommend searching for spyware blockers and removers, possibly two in one option and my advice is getting the best product in spyware blockers and detectors market  – Spyware Doctor.

The Spyware Doctor totally blew my mind away. Once installed, it will scan your PC in a matter of minutes and the scan is done in such a way, that you still can do online gaming and other activities – meaning it uses the least of your memory. Besides, the scan pop up window does not appear, if you are watching a movie or gaming – the process runs in the background without interrupting your current activities. However, check your system parameters, in case you want to overload your PC with constant gaming or large files editing – you could need additional memory resources.

What is really interesting – the spyware blocker program has a search engine which is able to search for and identify morphed or mutated viruses and spyware. With its state – of – the art sliding signatures technology the Spyware Doctor identifies common patterns of morphed viruses and removes them.

Another interesting feature is root kit removal. More advanced viruses – root kits are able to enter and infect your system registry, blocking afterwards antivirus programs, so they won’t even be able to start. Luckily, Spyware Doctor removes root kits, making them incapable and disabled.

User friendly setup and usage of these spyware blockers makes them even more popular among internet users. There are a few menu boxes in the front panel and no more submenus or other complicated features. Just click on the scan and everything else will be done for you.

Browser protection is another important issue that the program effectively deals with. Real time online threat scanning protects you and your browser from any malware. It works not only with Internet Explorer, but also with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera as well. If any spyware is detected, once removed, it will never enter your system again – the antispyware program has the ability to remember the threat and block it.

However, the software is not free. You can try the program for real time protection and scanning, which is free, but the removal and other functions are disabled. The totally functioning software costs 30$ which is cheap, comparing to the prevented damage. Free spyware blockers and removers can be found on the internet, by googling the antispyware keyword – though I don’t guarantee they all will be doing their duty.


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    • Tomygun profile image

      Tomygun 7 years ago from Vilnius

      Spyware is always a bad thing. I would not call it disastrous - though it depends on the damage level.

    • Trsmd profile image

      Trsmd 7 years ago from India

      spyware is better or disastrous?