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Spyware removers explained | best spyware removers

Updated on October 13, 2010

What is Spyware?

In this hub I would like to cover the topic of spyware and spyware removers. But what is spyware? For various reasons other people can take interest in your online activity. In order to do so they usually use software programs called “Spyware”. Spyware is a type of malware that collects information without PC user’s consent . Such a program obtains information about user’s browsing habits, user’s name, email addresses, different files and programs installed in your computer. The worst case scenario is when spyware registers user’s actions online (for example, working with bank accounts) and then sends this information to third parties that can be software creators or other interested parties.

What is the purpose of spyware?

The collected data about specific user, his habits, most often visited websites and other information can be used by Spyware creators for commercial, scientific or, God forbid, criminal purposes. When these people know about our browsing and websites that we open, then they can send us more spam according our needs and taste. For example, if you visited some online shop and picked some item, there is a possibility, that some spyware program will try to attack you with more offers according your chosen item.

The most dangerous Spyware software is the program type called Key Logging. This program gathers all data about pushed keyword keys. It is one more method of information theft. This program watches the key pushing sequences. Collected info is stored in special file that is later send via internet. It is very serious matter, because in that way a confidential info is obtained including login to informational systems passwords.
There is one thing for sure - if you suspect that your computer is infected with some kind of spyware, do something about it. The longer you hesitate, the harder will be to restore your PC to previous state of health. Sometimes, when malware applications are of more aggressive type, you may loose your data. In that case you will have to perform computer data recovery.

How did I get it?

We try to avoid Spyware programs, however, it is not so simple, because most internet users are not programmers or hackers that know how to protect themselves. I think the most active surfers online are kids and teenagers. They like to chat, play online games, listen to the music. They want so many precious goodies, that are at a hands reach if you are online. Usually youngsters install different “cool” programs that they found on the internet, visit different webpages, download tons of music and video files without even knowing that they downloaded tons of spyware and malware as well. Shortly their parents start complaining, that their PC is suddenly so slow.

If you want to download and install some program, read installation terms and conditions prior to installing. Maybe you will find a line stating that upon installation some spyware program will also be installed. If you come across such a condition, avoid it by all costs.

Try Spyware Removers

The best way to avoid spyware is to use special programs called spyware removers. Spyware removers will help with a proper computer repair and maintenance. This software is so far the best way to block and clean your PC from different types of software garbage that eats up all your RAM. Some spyware is easy to get rid off and some is very difficult to detect and destroy. So called rootkits dig into your registry and then you have a problem. Because whenever you clean you PC from spyware and viruses, they appear again. You can run your antivirus scan again and again all day long, but these malicious “spies” keep reappearing. Let me suggest you some Spyware Removers that not only clean easy to detect spyware, but they deal with hard to detect Rootkits and Hijackers.

1. SuperAntiSpyware

I have tried many spyware removers, but this is the best. It is very simple, yet powerful malware removal tool. The best about this software application is that it has a free version, which is absolutely enough for an average user. Its is compatible with antivirus programs, i.e. you don’t necessarily have to turn of your antivirus program, while running a SuperAntiSpyware scan. It doesn’t eat all you RAM memory and is light on PC recourses. And the best thing – it really cleans your computer destroying all hard to detect Rootkits, Hijackers and Trojans sitting in your registry files.

2. HijackThis

This application deals with components that change your default browser homepage. Once you run HijackThis it lists all applications that are active: from startup items to add-ons. It allows you to see everything that you have in your hard drive registry. Hijackers that create spyware and malware programs usually target registry files, therefore this program lists all applications running in registry. All you have to do is to decide which applications to remove. However there is a drawback - this program is used by more experienced users. If you are using it for the first time my recommendation is – run a scan and copy paste a log to tech forums. Don’t try to fix it yourself. By the way, this program is also free.

3. Webroot Spy Sweeper

This tool effectively removes even the most difficult to “catch” malware programs. When it finds something, it informs you about malicious program and gives you the option of removal (deletion or quarantine). You will not have to scan and restart your PC thousands of times. One scan is enough. As soon as new updates are released Webroot Spy Sweeper automatically downloads them to you computer. The creators state that you can play online games or watch movies while with the gamer mode on. There is only one slight disadvantage – it is not free. You have to pay like 13 $ per PC per year.
If you want to know more about spyware removers or spyware blockers visit site about computer diagnostics.


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