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Square Register - Android App

Updated on December 27, 2014

Square Register

Square Register is a free small business app for our android device. This awesome app is developed by Square Inc. It has everything required to run and develop our business. From point of sale the complete inventory, item management and sales can be tracked. It displays the analytics very perfectly.

With the Square Reader, payments can be taken with no additional fees. This feature is available in the US only. In US, Canada and Japan almost all major credit cards can be used in the app for business transactions. Printer and cash drawer can be easily connected, making the transactions and receipts smooth.

Once signed in to the web dashboard we can access all our business data and tools that help us to track and improve our business. With the recent updates we get latest point of sale features, Cash and gift cards can be saved. Discounts or offers can be applied for each product separately. A complete sales history can be viewed.

Square Register has an average rating of 4.5 by 48,355 users in Google PlayStore.

Download free from Google Play: Square Register Android App

Features of Square Regsiter

Fully customization of products with images, description, prices and reviews can be setup. Receipts can be sent via email and as text messages. Refund option can be also included. All these provide an access to real time sales data!

We can gain business insights from the Square Analytics. The entire inventory can be tracked in real time. It can work well if connected to a receipt printer. Square will deposit payments into our bank account within 2 business days. With free Square Reader we have a secure mobile credit card reader. An excellent customer support is another benefit from Square Register.

How to use Square Register?

Square Register in Android Tab


Using credit cards with Square Register

The customers can directly sign in to the app. Credit card information is encrypted at swipe. Losing a percentage of the transaction is one of the issues faced by us in using credit cards. Square charges for that but we can know perfectly how much is charged every time. There are neither monthly fees nor swipe fees.

Square card reader is used for reading the credit cards. The card reader can be purchased either from the Square up website or Amazon. It costs just 10$. Checkout here in Amazon

The video below will give you a tutorial how to use the card reader with the device and app.

Demo - Square Card Reader

Square Register with printer


Square Register App



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    • subeesh4n profile image

      Subeesh Krishnan T K 3 years ago from India

      Yes the android app is absolutely free. Also the card reader costs just 10$ only.

    • Writer Fox profile image

      Writer Fox 3 years ago from the wadi near the little river

      Awesome information and very well presented! This sounds like an amazing app, especially since it is free. I'm glad I found your article. Voted up!