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Standalone Video Downloaders

Updated on August 6, 2008

Video Downloaders.

These are the top 4 standalone Video downloaders I stumbled upon.

Sothink Web Video Downloader

Sothink Web Video Downloader, is a very convenient video downloader, which can detect any live video on the Internet, capture video, download video and save the video to your hard disk for later viewing.

It enables you to capture and download Flash videos (flv) from popular video websites like Youtube, Google, Metacafe, iFilm, Dailymotion, and many others.

It also supports downloading video in other formats (swf, wmv, asf, avi, mov, mp4, m4v, 3gp, rm, rmvb, etc.) from most video hosting sites and blogs.

The intelligent video monitor, provided by Sothink Web Video Downloader, can detect any online videos played in your browser, and prompt you to download video with one-click.

You can get Sothink Web Video Downloader from this website:

Orbit Downloader

Orbit Downloader, is a leading download manager, devoted to the new generation web (web 2.0) downloading, such as video, music, streaming media from Myspace, YouTube, Imeem, Pandora, Rapidshare, and many other sites as claimed on their website.

Orbit Downloader, is an excellent download manager that has the unique ability to download streaming media (audio and video, as well as flash SWF) from video sharing and other sites. It makes general downloading easier and faster. As a plus to this software, Orbit Downloader supports RTMP.

To get Orbit Downloader, visit this website:

Easy Video Downloader

Easy Video Downloader enables you to easily download videos from YouTube, Google Video and save them as AVI or MPEG4 (for iPod, PSP) file format.

Easy Video Downloader unlike the others above is a completely FREE Software. The creators of this software maintains that it contains absolutely no adware, spyware, popups, malware or other unwanted software plus there is no need to register the program

It’s user interface is very simple and you do not need to use scripts for web browsers etc.

It is indeed very easy to use:

you run Easy Video Downloader, paste a URL of the video you want to download and voila its starts downloading !

One other feature of Easy Video Downloader is that it automatically convert video to avi format. All you have to do is select "Save as AVI" and your video file is converted to avi.

Click on the following link to get Easy Video Downloader:

UltraGet Video Downloader

This is the ultimate free solution that allows you to enjoy YouTube videos on your iPod, Zune, PSP, or Cell phone.

UltraGet Video Downloader allows you to easily download and play FLV (Flash for Video) from YouTube and Google Video and other video sites. This YouTube (Google Video) video downloader allows you to easily grab and save any YouTube videos to your local computer.

It comes with an internal FLV (Flash for Video) video player that enables you to play the downloaded flash videos.

With UltraGet Video Downloader, you can download YouTube videos directly into your computer and watch these files while you are offline! It makes your videos stream faster and play smoother when you watch these downloaded FLV videos offline.

Other features of UltraGet include:

  • Completely Freeware software

  • It supports storing of your own YouTube account in the program. This means you can automatically download any YouTube videos even if they require user login.
  • Drag-and-drop feature available. You can drag and drop any video clips you like into UltraGet if you are using Firefox and the program will do the rest
  • You can even select a part of the video clips to play.
  • Copy-and-paste of video URL feature is supported. When you copy and paste you can then press the Download button.
  • Batch download feature is supported. This is a huge time saver if you download many videos.
  • Needs no registration.

To download your free copy of UltraGet Video Downloader go to:

Video Sharing Sites:

You can find videos to download from the following sites. Google each one to get their exact website URL:

StreetFire, That Video Site, VideoCodes4U, VideoCodesWorld, VideoCodeZone, Vimeo, Yikers YouTube and ZippyVideos, Angry Alien, Blennus,,, Dailymotion, Double Agent, eVideoShare, Free Video Blog, Google Video, Grinvi, iFilm, Keiichi Anime Forever, Metacafe, MySpace, MySpace Video Code, DevilDucky, Double Agent, EVTV1, FindVideos, Hiphopdeal, Kontraband, Lulu TV,,,, Newgrounds, NothingToxic, PcPlanets, Pixparty, PlsThx, Revver, Sharkle, SmitHappens, Putfile, Totally Crap, vidiLife, vSocial, AnimeEpisodes.Net, Badjojo, Blastro, Bofunk, Bolt, Castpost, CollegeHumor, Current TV, Dachix, Danerd,

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