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Using Micro-Cut SPL- TMC Shredders To Protect Your Privacy

Updated on March 6, 2013
Shreds from my micro-cut shredder
Shreds from my micro-cut shredder | Source

My family recently had to buy a new shredder that we needed to shred some overdue confidential documents that's been piling up for over eight years. Because these documents, which are stacked up in boxes after boxes, contained peoples names and addresses, and other personal information, we needed a micro-cut shredder, not a regular strip-cut shredder, or a cross-cut shredder, which is what we used to have. These two are good, but does not provide us with the type of security, peace of mind of using a micro-cut shredder.

Why A Micro-Cut Shredder?

With a micro-cut shredder, the shredded documents turns out much smaller than the shreds from both the strip-cut and the cross-cut shredders. A micro-cut shredder will literally turn your shredded paper into dust. This ensures that the information on the documents can not be put together again.

Everyone out there want your personal information. Solicitor's junk mail is on the rise with scammers using every means possible to get something from you. And don't you just hate how some of these junk mails have your personal information inserted into every paragraph? That can make it almost impossible to catch every instance of your name inserts. You may sometimes miss one or two, which may eventually open you up for identity theft. A micro-cut shredder provides you the highest level of security and prevents your confidential data from getting into the wrong hands.

There are several brands of micro-cut shredders out there. But, here a a few to consider for your office or home business:

Staples SPL-TMC10A 10-Sheet Micro Cut Shredder

This shredder has a 10 sheet paper capacity, with anti-jam, lockout key.

  • Auto reverse overload feature, with a 4.3 gallons basket.
  • Up to 6.56 ft/min shredding speed.
  • Shreds paper, standard staples, credit cards, CDs & DVDs, and paper clips.

Swingline ShredMaster Jam Free GDM10

  • Shreds up to 10 sheets of paper in a single pass into 3/32" x 19/32" micro-cut pieces. Shreds 16.1' per minute.
  • 13 gallon pullout drawer.
  • Shreds only paper.

GBC ShredMaster GLM11 Shredder

This is a shredder for those big shredding job. Has 20 sheet paper capacity, with anti-jam, auto reverse overload feature

  • 30 gallons basket, up to 19.7 ft/min shredding speed.
  • Shreds paper, standard staples, credit cards, CD & DVDs, and paper clips.

These are just some of the micro-cut shredders that are available in the market today. Though I haven't tried them all, I have tried the Staples SPL-TMC10A 10-Sheet Micro Cut Shredder. Overall, I will give this micro-cut shredder a score of 9 out of 10. Very good shredder. Will recommend for a medium to heavy duty office use.


In conclusion, with identity theft on the rise, shredding your confidential documents with a strip or cross-cut shredder, or burning your confidential data is no longer effective. Information on the burnt document can still be read, and the strips from a strip-cut document can be glued together if it finds it's way into the hands of those who are desperate enough for your confidential information.

And with all those annoying junk mails that just always seem to find their way into my mail box, having a micro-cut shredder is a sure way to ensure that my personal information stays private.


©Comfort Babatola - Updated January 2013


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    • ComfortB profile image

      Comfort Babatola 6 years ago from Bonaire, GA, USA

      Thanks for stopping by Jeff-McRitchie. Appreciate it.

    • profile image

      Jeff_McRitchie 6 years ago

      This is a terrific Hub about micro-cut shredders. It's really informative. Thanks for posting it!