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Start Your Software Journey

Updated on February 16, 2018
Lalit Bunkar profile image

Lalit Kumar is a software developer and programmer and has been developing websites and softwares since 2008.

Things to know before starting journey of software developer

So, if your thinking about making a professional career as software developer, you need to give thought to some basic but important things which probably no person thinks about at all. There is saying "If starting is great, you may have completed your half journey", and if you need a little insight of how to start your journey, this article is for you.

"A computer program does what you tell it to do, not you want it to do."

— Unknown

Things to consider before starting journey

  • Choose a platform...whether you want to start your journey by developing for internet(Website) or a great windows application or you may want to have some with android app, you need to choose a platform which you feel most comfortable working with. Choosing the right platform is a must to move on our next step.
  • Choose programming language to work on...If you have made your mind about platform to work on, its time to select the programming language. There are many languages and you have many options available for platform of your choice.
  • Learn the language...So you have to learn this language now. Keep one thing in mind that learning the programming language and mastering its syntax is not one day tour. Its an eternal journey and you will have to go with your own pace.
  • Create mini projects...You cannot develop big softwares in little knowledge. It is even a difficult task for a master and experienced programmer to complete a project single hand. Choose small and mini project like creating login module, editing user data to start with. This way you will have hands on experience in the programming language you have choosed earlier.
  • Lots of practice and continuity...One thing I have seen in experienced software developers that for any software development work they generally say..."It's easy", but believe me, its not easy. It's their experience and knowledge which make things easy for them and achieving that experience requires lots of practice and continuity in developing your skills.

"Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistake."

— Oscar Wilde

Options available for your journey

There are lots of options available to start your software development journey. To start with platform selection, you can develop website for internet, windows application, mobile application, linux software or may be a library which works on all platforms. You need to take some precaution while choosing platform, it will affect many things like reaching audience, resource available to work on, getting professional help etc.

Website creation is considered easy and its reach is very great but hings get complicated when you need to run resource consuming task. Well, you cannot do everything remotely. You can host your website on almost all operating system with lots of webserver options available. You will have lots of option to choose your programming language too like JAVA, PHP, ASP .NET. To host your website, hosting services are available now and at very less price. You need to learn HTML which stands for Hypertext Markup Language and a must to develop a website. You may need to learn CSS and JAVASCRIPT if you want to work with some latest features. There is lots in to it we may discuss it in some other article, but if you are going to choose this platform, journey will be fun.

Windows application needs .NET Framework and works only on windows operating system. If you want to work with hardware attached to users PC, you need to consider this option because websites generally don't work outside the web browser. So if you want to capture fingerprint by using scanner attached with users PC, you need an application installed on users PC which will interact with scanner. This is just one scenario, there are lots of other situations in which desktop applications are better options than website. After all it is users PC and applications installed on it are going to run everything.

Since smartphones have captured the market, more and more developers are considering mobile development a lucrative idea. Android and iOS are the leaders in smartphone market and with there easy to use development platform lots of applications are already available for these platforms. Still there is lot to come in near future for mobile application platform.

Web Development
Windows, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora etc
PHP, JAVA, ASP .Net etc
More options are available
Windows Application
More options are available
Windows, Android, iOS
C#, VB .NET(Windows), JAVA (Android & iOS),
More options are available

"Only half of programming is coding. The other 90% is debugging."

— Unknown

© 2018 Lalit Kumar


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